Wanted-Current or Former College Athletes and their attitudes towards Drugs in Sports-A Survey


Dear readers,

A graduate student asked me if we could promote his doctoral survey on college athletes and their feelings on drugs in sports, please pass this along to your

Dear Respondent:
I am a graduate student at Northcentral University currently completing the requirements for my doctorate of philosophy in Business Administration by writing a dissertation. The purpose of my study is to compare the attitudes of male and female collegiate track and field athletes towards the use of performance-enhancing drugs. The results of this study may provide insight into the attitudes of collegiate athletes towards illegal substance use. The results may also benefit track and field athletes, track and field coaches, athletic directors, school administrators, the NCAA, high school and future high school track and field athletes, communities, and parents, serving to better educate them on the opinions collegiate track and field athletes have on this topic.
I am requesting your participation in the study if you are former or current collegiate track and field athlete. Your participation in the study is voluntary. By contributing your time to the study, you will provide valuable information about an important subject. This survey should take about 15 minutes to complete. The survey will only be posted for two weeks. Please answer all the questions as honestly as possible. The answers you provide will be kept strictly confidential, and your identity will remain anonymous. The aim of the survey is not to get you in trouble. I am only interested in discovering what your attitudes are on the issue. By completing the survey, you will be giving your informed consent to participating in the study. Thank you for your time in reading this letter and participating in the investigation. Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

Tom Mingus
Doctoral Candidate

Survey is below: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s.aspx?sm=ZdHNMc8wc_2brHNu89TvAbxw_3d_3d">Click Here to take survey

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