Fifty I Pod Applications for Runners, courtesy of RN Central, Note by Larry Eder


One of the wonders of our Guttenberg Galaxy is the speed by which information can be disseminated. This morning, a writer from RN, a web sites for RNs, sent me this very nicely done piece on Fifty Sports Applications for Runners with I-Pods. Special thanks to Kelly Sonora for sending me the link!

The I Pod is a phenomenon that I bit into four years ago now. Last year, I purchased my IPHONE and the world was complete. My music, notes, seven emails, phone numbers, rolodex are all on the phone plus apps for weather, travel, NY Times news, AP news, and twitter.

The applications noted in the RN Central piece include running apps, nutrition and sports medicine apps, all easy to download, $2.99 or less for downloading and programs developed to add to your running or health. I highly recommend checking them out. I liked the Nutrition apps, and some of the training apps as well.

Please tell me how much you enjoy this article: Our friends at Nike have a womens training club app, and I did like several of the nutrition controls.

To check out RN central, go to

For more on our sport, check out

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