The Bolt Love Fest Continues: Usain Bolt in Gatorade G Videos, Note by Larry Eder


Usain Bolt came out of Beijing as the track & field version of Micheal Phelps. As his management team has made sure that the global fans have a realistic view of the young man, chicken McNuggets and all, Bolt continues to roll.

Usain Bolt now has actor in his resume, photo by

Beside PUMA, Gatorade is also one of his sponsors. A new series of very fun, very well done vidoes, featuring Usain Bolt and a plethora of professional sports studs and studettes are linked below. Take the time to watch them. For the curious though, you might want to read my review.

Gatorade's new product, G, is their entree into enhanced sports drinks. As part of that push, Gatorade did a series of humorous videos, mimicking ( some might say, modeling) their theme with Monty Python's The Holy Grail.

There are the knights costumes, the lack of horses, the person clacking horse hooves, and castles with the French knights hurling insults, all of the insanity of Monty Python, but no real British accents. Usain has this great look on his face, and the use of the old Book to tell the story is well done as well.

The videos are funny in themselves, Usain Bolt and the non-track athletes in the videos are hysterical. I love the fire breathing poodle, the dance scenes, especially Mr. Bolt, and just the high quality and level of detail that the videos go to. If you have not seen Monty Python and the Holy Grail, go get it and watch G videos again.

The story is a quest for the great G, but first, they must tacke some difficult challenges-the quest is on. Get a sack lunch and turn on the video link, you will get a enjoy the well done series. One thing is for certian, besides sprinting well, Usain can dance. I would like to get him on Dancing With the Stars.

Here is the G link:

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