Berlin 09 Diary: Day 6, Usain Bolt-Was it his shoe? The PUMA Yaam! release Note by Larry Eder



Puma Yaam, inspired by the artist Jeff Koons, photo courtesy of PUMA communications.

Right after the race, I watched Usain take off his shoes, sign them and throw them into the crowd. The entire stadium is still filled after this amazing night of track & field.

This is the shoe that Usain Bolt wore in both the 100 meters and 200 meters! PUMA communications sent me an email package and photo in a world record for communications after a major event-24 minutes! In honor of that record and because our global readers will be fascinated, here is the PUMA release, in full:


Photo by, Usain Bolt, 200 meter rounds, August 19, 2009.

”Lightning” Bolt Strikes Twice at 12TH IAAF World Championships In Athletics in Berlin

Berlin, Germany (20 August, 2009) – Three-time Jamaican Olympic gold medallist and PUMA athlete Usain ‘Lightning’ Bolt shattered his own world record and delivered a stunning first place finish in the 200m on Thursday night at the Olympic Stadium in Berlin. Competing on the hottest day on record this year in Germany, Bolt and the track were literally on fire.

The Jamaican sprinter surged ahead of his opponents and raced to victory with an astonishing 19.19 seconds finish. Bolt shattered his own world record last Sunday in the 100m race when he clocked the fastest time ever recorded for that distance in just 9.58 seconds. Previously the world records for the 100m and 200m were set by Bolt exactly one year ago this week at the Summer Olympics in Beijing.

Wearing the now infamous custom-designed Theseus Pro sprint spike, dubbed the PUMA YAAM, after his favorite food, Usain Bolt exploded out of the starting block and powered past the pack, running hard through the end, again cementing his title as the “Fastest Man in the World”. The PUMA YAAM sprint spike that propelled him to victory twice in the last week was developed by a team of PUMA designers and technicians who studied and measured Bolt’s stride and foot form. With this information and ongoing track-testing, they created a custom-made sprint spike that best suits Usain’s unique body kinetics. The vibrant orange color was chosen to contrast Olympic Stadium’s signature blue track. The shoe is designed to provide power, speed and stability. The “engine” of the show is a carbon plate, which adds speed and power but no weight. PUMA has also designed an athletic, low-profile version of Usain’s signature track spike, called the PUMA STREET YAAM, which will be available at select retail locations later in the year.

Usain Bolt-mania reached fever pitch at the Olympic Stadium tonight, where thousands of people have gathered to see him push the limits of human speed. His achievements during the 12th IAAF World Championship have captured the world’s attention. PUMA’s “who faster?” campaign running through out the world in support of these championships has only one answer, ‘NO ONE’.

“I am so happy with the race results today,” said Usain Bolt. “Everyone was worried about the heat, but for me this is like running in Jamaica. I feel like I am in the best condition possible and my focus is in the right place. To win the 100 and 200 meter races again after Beijing has been my dream.”

“Watching Usain race is an amazing experience,” said Jochen Zeitz, CEO and Chairman of PUMA AG. “He is so relaxed and confident but the minute he gets into the starting block he is all business. He is an extraordinary athlete and the special spikes I presented to him last week in that funky color definitely seem to help push him to test the limits of human speed. This will be a World Champs we won’t soon forget.”

On August 23rd, at the conclusion of the World Champs, PUMA will take over the YAAM, a popular Caribbean lounge on the banks of the Spree River for a vibrant Jamaican-themed party that’s open to the public, via ticket sales. Live music, dancing, food and special athlete appearances will make it an occasion to remember. No professional video or still camera allowed.

Usain Bolt is scheduled to make a brief appearance to sign autographs at the PUMA Flagship Store, located at Tauentzienstrasse, 18 in Berlin on Monday, August 24 at 14:00. For more information, visit

Special thanks to Claira Mattoli, PUMA communications.

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