2011 BAA Boston Marathon: Desiree Davila Runs 2:22.38-Fastest Ever American women at Boston, by Larry Eder

Desiree Davila, 2011 BAA Boston Marathon, photo by PhotoRun.net

That Des Davila was in good shape became apparent to the Brothers Hansen (Kevin & Keith ) this winter, as she completed everything they threw at her.

Des joined the Brooks Hansons Distance Project in 2007, in fact, she was one of the first. " Hansons allowed me time to develop." noted Desi after the race.

Desi ran her first marathon at the 2007 Boston Marathon, finishing 18th in 2:44.56. The following April, Davila ran the US Olympic Marathon Trials, improving seven minutes and 26 seconds to 2:37.50, with a 13th place.

Des continued to develop under the watchful eyes of Keith and Kevin Hanson, the brothers who made their dream a reality. They wanted to develop a training group, who used the benefits of training together, developing into world class athletes over the long term, using high mileage, strong speed work and good racing.

In the fall of 2008, Des Davila showed that hard work and a long term approach was making some impressions on her running-she took fifth in 2:31.33. Three marathons, and personal best each time!

In 2009, Desi ran the World Championships in Berlin, Germany, where she placed 11th and ran a fine 2:27.33. Desi was running well, and in fact, was running as a top U.S. marathoner.

In 2010, Desi worked on her leg speed. First, she made the US team for Doha and the World Indoor Champs. Desi ran her personal best in qualifying for the final of the 3,000 meters-she knocked ten seconds off her best, running a superb 8:51. Davila made the final, taking sixth, also under nine minutes.

At the hot and humid USA Outdoor, Desi Davila made a gut wrenching move with 4,000 meters to go and took over third place, running 32:22 for 10,000 meters-her second best time ever.

Thumbnail image for Davila_Desiree_USOut.JpgDesi Davila, 2010 US Outdoors, 10,000 meters,
photo by PhotoRun.net

The fall of 2010 showed the U.S. that Des Davila was now a real force in U.S. distance running, as she took 4th in the Bank of America Chicago Marathon, running 2:26.20.

This past winter, Desi Davila churned 120 miles a week in Rochester Hills, Michigan, home of the Brooks Hansons Distance Project. Keith Hanson told RBR earlier today that she loves her long runs, putting in three miles at race pace in most of her 20 milers.

Keith and Kevin Hanson, the creative and eccentric geniuses behind the Brooks Hansons Distance project developed Desi the old fashioned way-they let her take the time to get the training in and development to become world class.

The running Desi Davila showed at the 2011 BAA Boston marathon nearly won her the title. Falling short by two seconds, Desi made it clear, after the race, that she had given it all she had: " This was my perfect day and perfect race. I gave it all I had. Caroline just had a little better day. I could have done no more."

The last six miles of the Boston marathon were some of the greatest competitive distance running that I have ever seen. Caroline Kilel and Sharon Cherop were running all out as was Desiree Davila.

" I saw Desi around 22 miles and she was running relaxed behind Kilel and Cherop, she smiled at me, and I knew she had more..." noted Kevin Hanson, in recalling Desiree's race.

The surging was mostly done by Caroline Kilel and Desi Davila, and there were four to five surges over each mile. Kilel would look like she had broken Davila, then Desi would come back.

As they hit 25 miles, Caroline Kilel took the lead, and with 1,200 to go, Davila made another move, which Kilel responded too, and Cherop dropped back a bit. At just around 800 meters, Davila made one last rush, and put just some room on Kilel, who charged to the front and held off Davila over the final two minutes. Sharon Cherop, who finished third, moved with 400 meters to go. Davila had come to a virtual stop with 400 meters to go, and started back up, not giving up.

In the end, Caroline Kilel ran 2:22.36, to Desiree Davila's 2:22.38, with Sharon Cherop finishing third in 2:22.42! This was the fastest times on the Boston course since 1994!

Desi Desiree has gone from a good runner to the best active American women marathoner. Her time at Boston is the best ever run by an American women at Boston.

Desi told the media today that she will not be running the World Championship marathon this year--her focus in on a race in Houston next January 2012. Something tells me that Desiree Davila will be a huge factor in Houston.

In two hours, twenty two minutes and thirty-eight seconds, Desi Desiree went from being a good American marathoner to being the best American women performer at Boston, EVER. That should wake a few people up!

For more on the Boston Marathon, please browse www.bostonmarathon.com.

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