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Believe I Am  Training Journal,
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Lauren Fleshman and Róisín McGettigan developed a fascinating women's Training Journal called Believe I Am. They make a lot of sense when speaking about a printed training journal and the benefits of keeping track of one's progress. Nicely designed with some very smart details, we encourage our readers to check out the website.

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Professional runners create the "Believe I Am Training Journal" 

American 5k champion Lauren Fleshman and Irish Olympian (and new mom) Róisín McGettigan have spent the last year creating a one of a kind training journal out of total love for female athletes. It is unique because it is for BOTH the mind and body. The goal of the creators is to break down the notion that only "serious athletes" should keep a training diary.

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"When I hear a female runner say she doesn't keep a training diary, it kills me," says Fleshman. "In less than a minute a day, you create something of incredible value. Your journal is a pat on the pack; a kick in the butt; a collection of memories. Every runner regardless of ability has a story, and it deserves to be written."

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Lauren and Roisin used their current and past experience as professional athletes, their exposure to sports psychology, and their schooling in psychology and education to craft the Believe I Am Training Journal.

"Every feature of this journal--from the design and layout, to the content on each page--has a purpose," explains Roisin. "Each section is illustrated, written and crafted with a great deal of heart and sincerity, hoping to encourage, motivate and inspire women athletes of all levels to keep track of their training."

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Both Lauren and Róisín believe that there is great value when women spend a moment each day recognizing their efforts. They have seen, first hand, a training journal's incredible power to motivate, help set personal goals, stick to them, and accomplish them. They also believe, even as professional athletes on the cutting edge of training technology, that there is great power in hand-written journals, especially for women.
"The electronic training log over-emphasizes the physical; this simply doesn't reflect the mind/body reality and the art that is at the heart of running as a sport,"says Fleshman.

BIA_racereviews.jpgRace Review pages, Believe I am Training Journal,
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A unique feature of the Believe I Am training journal is that it's REVERSIBLE: one side features a beautiful cover filled with typographic flowers that have hidden "cues." When opened from this side, the inside pages focus on goal setting and recording daily training activity. Each month features a new typographic flower design that contains a "power word" that has helped Lauren and Róisín stay positive and focused during their training and racing. Flip the journal over to an alternative cover design and it contains both lined and blank pages for use as a more traditional, reflective and introspective journal.
"The reversible setup of our journal encourages a simple, balanced approach to sport, allowing space to focus on the mind as well as the body," says Fleshman.

Inside the journal are quotes from 12 influential female runners ranging from International Olympians and Transplant Games medalists, to the CEO of New York Road Runners and race director of the NY Marathon, Mary Wittenberg. The words of these women motivate others by explaining the value training journals have in their lives. 

All of the writing, illustrating and publishing has been done by Lauren and Róisín and the journal was printed using renewable energy and the latest in green printing technology and materials. A percentage of the proceeds from the journals will benefit a non-profit organization that supports women's health.

About Believe I Am

USA 5K Champion Lauren Fleshman and Irish Olympian Róisín McGettigan met on the international Pro Track and Field Circuit in 2003 and shared their tricks, secrets and struggles over the next eight years whenever their paths crossed. In the summer of 2010, they shared the secrets of their most recent breakthroughs in sport, (mastering the art of belief), and their stories were so parallel they were determined to find a way to share their best lessons in sport with other women. 
Believe I Am is the result of this connection. It is a collection of transformative designs and apparel that help women master the art of creating positive beliefs about themselves.

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As Lauren explains, "Pursuing excellence in anything is really about perfecting the art of BELIEF. Many people (maybe you) think that belief is something you are born with. That is not true. Belief is not a given. Belief is practiced. Belief is earned." 

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Roisin adds, "Your mind is like a garden with limited space, full of beliefs about yourself in the shape of both flowers and weeds. They are competing for water and light and space. That garden is the mind that you go out into the world with, set your goals with, and use to either give up or persevere. What you may not realize is that YOU are the Gardener!"

Lauren and Roisin, nicknamed "Lo and Ro", will continue developing tools for women on as well as a culture of sharing information and inspiration within the female athlete community.

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Believe I AM

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