Now is the time to find mezamashii, Mizuno creates a conversation, comments by Larry Eder

The Mezamashii Project, or Brilliant Run project is Mizuno's plan to develop a conversation with their consumers. I applaud the program. From checking out the videos and content, Mizuno fans are getting involved, sending pictures, writing haiku (Japanese poetry). Why are they doing this?

Media is changing daily. Most ad agencies are pushing their clients to embrace digital communications as that is the way of the social world. Facts are that social media has revolutionized communication between marketers and their potential consumers. But how to make it work?

We believe it is about creating an on going conversation. That is what Mizuno is doing with this project. 

Mizuno's Brilliant Run (Mezamashii) program has been in existence for just over a year. Mizuno seeded product, and developed a long term approach on developing a conversation with the consumer. They followed great product with a continuing level of communication, and sharing of assets. That is good. 

Several brands are doing this well. Some however, do not communicate with the consumer, they dictate to the consumer, when they can read the content, how they can read the content, when they can interact. 

Running consumers are highly intelligent. They want their content when they want it, how they want it and where they want it. As a media company, we deliver curated content twenty four hours a day, via digital, via web, via social media, via alternative print, via measured print. Cut any of those parts of the puzzle out, and brands loose the strength of their conversation. In this day and age, one must be on ipads, tablets, mobile devices, and yes, I know, how archaic, print. Your consumers are there, you create a vacuum when you discount one of those areas. 

Not only are you influencing the consumer, you are also, as a brand person in running, trying to influence the 23 year old on the floor of a running store. Between sales, they are playing with their phone and reading the running magazines delivered to the store. It may not be sexy, but it is reality. In the end of the day, one sells running shoes. How does one build on the brand? How does one introduce the brand to running store staffers? One can not have tech reps everywhere. 

Conversation is a two way street. Brands have to listen. Right now, some brands, the successful ones, are listening. Many are not. "Brilliant Run" has created a strong level of interest from Mizuno's consumers. 

I applaud Mizuno's Mezamashii Project. The videos are well done, the content is giving consumers insights into Mizuno.It  is a good second step for Mizuno. The first step, like any running brand, is to create consistent, authentic performance running product. Without that, your marketing plan is pointless... 

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So take a look through. And then hit the road. Because spring is here, and it's the perfect time to get running.

Also, be on the lookout -- we have lots of really cool things planned for the community in the next couple of months. So get ready.

Until then, keep searching for mezamashii and take care.


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