A snapshot of TopoAthletic, a brand for the complete runner/athlete, by Max Lockwood


TopoAthletic's Fly-Lite

Max Lockwood interviewed Tony Post of TopoAthletics, and tried the new shoe, Fly-Lite. Here is the piece that he wrote about speaking with Tony and trying his new creation....the TopoAthletics FLY-LITE.

HI RES FLY-LITE.jpgUpdated January 12, 2015

A snapshot at TopoAthletic, a brand for the complete runner/athlete, by Max Lockwood

As an avid runner and lover or running and running shoes I am always eager to try new products on the market.  My goal is always to discover some amazing new fit and feel that will revolutionize my running experience and add more value and miles to my favorite athletic activity.


This past week I had the opportunity to talk to Tony Post, the owner, CEO and founder of Topo Athletic, a new athletic shoe company with a bent on making the runner and athlete a fully functioning and healthy performer.  TopoAthletic is Based in Newton, Massachusetts and is the brainchild of Tony Post, a longtime industry insider who made his mark as the CEO of Vibram Five Fingers, the footwear that more or less helped the running world become enamored with minimalist running shoes for about 2 years.  Tony gained a great appreciation for having a fully functioning foot while at Vibram and when the opportunity came for him to explore the chance of creating his own brand he decided to take it.

Says Tony..."creating my own brand based on all my years of running, making shoes and being in the industry was an easy choice. How many people get to say they created a business centered on an activity they are passionate about? The answer is not many."  As we chatted about the footwear,  I asked Tony to provide me with some greater insight into the three core principles Topo Athletic stands by regarding shoes. 

Says Tony..."Our core philosophy is to make shoes that fit our three principles of shape, platform and weight. My aim here is for our shoes to fit as many foot shapes as possible, have a platform that is neutral with some light cushioning and a very wide toe box to allow the toes to splay and work properly.  Last but not least, and perhaps, most importantly to the consumer, is the lightness of our shoes. We use very light materials and incorporate seam reducing construction that cuts down on any additional weight."

TopoAthletic's product choice compliments their philosophy of integrating a holistic approach to body maintenance. Their product selection focuses on functional training and the gym, trail and road running. Says Tony, "running is my first love and passion but I know that in order to run injury free one needs to strength train, stretch and do cross training. With this in mind we have created some great cross training shoes for the gym or outside use." 

Speaking from personal experience I recently had a chance to test the Fli-Lyte and absolutely love the last, the ride, the lightness and wide toe box. The shoe fits like a glove and allows for just enough toe splay to give the toes ample room to move and groove while not letting them swish and sway from side to side or swim, so to speak.  The shoe runs really nicely encouraging efficient and smooth biomechanics so that the entire chain including the glutes, the hamstrings, the hips and trunk area are working in unison with the feet to propel the body forward.  So, if you are looking for a nice and simple neutral trainer that is light, fits remarkably well and are fairly inexpensive ($100), the Fli-Lyte is definitely worth choosing.

In summation, TopoAthletic is an interesting new brand that offers a very crisp and succinct package of products for road and trail running and for trips to the gym.  Its signature trait is the three key attributes previously mentioned including a wide toe box, being light-weight and the natural fitting platform. 

To learn more about TopoAthletic go to their website at www.topoathletic.com

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