WILDFANG/ Live the Wildlife, a brand video review by Larry Eder

WILDFANG is a brand about and for women who like to have fun, are active, enjoy fashion, do not trifle with being categorized and know what they like. The approach is unique, the brand is fresh, and the video captures the attention of the viewer. 

Creating brand videos is a messy business. There is always too much to say in too short of a time. Editing and leaving somethings to the imagination, keeping the viewer curious, is key to a brand video's success. Ms. McIlroy does that here. 

After a stint at Nike, Emma McIlroy founded WILDFANG. As the CEO and founder of WILDFANG, she is on that exciting journey of self-discovery that comes with building a brand from scratch. Her enthusiasm is contagious. That is exemplified in this video.

I have always admired Emma McIlroy's creative approach, unwavering enthusiasm and eclectic sense of fashion. To be successful in any endeavor, one must have the "vision thing", as someone once called it. Emma has that, and, so does WILDFANG.  Emma directed this video for her brand, WILDFANG. 

I love the music, but the images, and killer copywriting make this over the top.  "Some things we will never grow out of, somethings we never want to."  I love that. 

It is an example of how excellent brand videos should be done: Get the viewer involved, give them your theme, and keep them intrigued. 

We wish Emma McIlroy and her team great success! Go WILDFANG!


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