National Indoor Champs in Europe, from EME News

Adam Kszczot, Goteborg 2013, photo by 

EME News sent us the highlights of many of the European Champs held this past weekend. Poland's champs featured a tough 800m between Adam Kszczot and Marcin Lewandowski. They will be tough in Sopot. 

GERMANY (Leipzig): Here fast 200 m winners Robin Erewa 20.56 (Sebastian Ernst 20.62) and Rebekka Haase 23.17. Malte Mohr cleared excellent 584 in the pole vault. In high jump Martin Gunther 228 and Marie Laurence Jungfleisch 192. 

ITALY (Ancona): Marco Fassinotti improved Italian record to 234 cm. Stefano Tremigliozi 806 in the long jump were the best results here. Fabio Cerutti won the 60 m in 6.68 (heats 6.65). 

FRANCE (Bordeaux):  Cindy Billaud is back with fast 7.93 hurdles. Bastien Auzeil scored 5910 points in heptathlon. Also to note Kevin Menaldo 565 in the pole vault, Jeffry John 20.91 in the 200 m and Paul Renaudie 1:48.94 in the 800 m. Sudanese guest Younes Idriss new national record 228 cm in the high jump. 

POLAND (Sopot): Lukasz Parszczynski improved to 7:49.26 and qualified to World Indoors at the 3000 m. Fast 200 m races for Karol Zalewski 20.95 (20.93 in heats) and Anna Kielbasinska 23.24. Anna Rogowska cleared 440 in the pole vault. Rafal Omelko won the 400 m in 46.29. In the duel of the day Adam Kszczot in 1:47.07 beat Marcin Lewandowski 1:47.16 in the 800 m. Dominik Bochenek won the hurdles 7.65 with British guest William Sharman 7.62 in heats. 

HUNGARY (Budapest): Balazs Baji clocked 7.70 over Daniel Kiss 7.78 in the hurdles. Viktoria Madarasz 12:31.78 in the 3000 m walk was the top women result.

BELARUS (Mogilyov): Yulia Yurenia won the 400 m in 53.41 ahead of Ilona Usovich 53.94. Artsem Bondarenko landed at PB mark in long jump 788m over Russian Pavel Shalin 784. At 10 000m race walk Aleksandr Liakhovich set PB 39:47.97, Ivan Trotski 39:53.70. Alina Marveyuk 45:51.22 in women race. 

SPAIN (Sabadell): Best results here Mark Ujakpor 46.57 in the 400 m and Borja Vivas 20.51 in the shot put. 

SLOVAKIA (Bratislava): Guest Jaroslav Baba and second Peter Horak cleared 224 in the high jump as top marks.

NETHERLANDS (Apeldoorn): Great PB of Nicky van Leuveren highlighted the Dutch champs with 52.49 in the 400 m. Dafne Schippers won the 60 m in 7.25. Ignisious Gaisah 793 in the long jump, Bram Peters 46.71 in the 400 m. Top hurdles won by Koen Smet 7.67 over Gregory Sedoc also 7.67. 

SWEDEN (Goteborg): Angelica Bengtsson 458 in the pole vault and 46.68 by Nick Ekelund-Arenander of Denmark were the best results of the second day.

FINLAND (Rovaniemi): Hurdler Nooralotta Neziri 8.09 at 60 m hurdles highlighted the day. 

DENMARK (Skive): Andreas Martinsen 7.97 in hurdles was the top mark.

ESTONIA (Tartu): Anders Raja 7.82 hurdles also here the best result of second day.

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