My excellent adventure, Day 18: Day before The Day, by Larry Eder

This is my journal on my travels to Copenhagen, Paris, London, and Boston, in one month of living out of my very large travel bag. Oh, and I threw in Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin for two days. 

Kids' races, Vienna City Marathon, Saturday, 12 April 2014, photo by
There is never a weekend when, during the global calendar of sports, there are many events. Part of my job is to determine the newsworthy ones. That requires help from many people. Alfons Juck, aka the Juck man, is a manager and meet director who provides updates on the world of athletics to me on a daily basis. My intern for the past year, Kevin Mangan, updates ATF and RunBlogrun daily with Mr. Juck's reports. 

Chuck Bartlett, the RunningNetwork web manager, posts and updates and cajoles about 22 websites on a daily basis. With national and global information, Chuck takes the cue from his experience with the sport and from what I cover on RunBlogRun.

My brother, Brian, manages RunBlogRun, its Facebook and twitter feeds, and our live events. He provides me with the technical information that allows us to continue to grow. Also, as footwear editor Cregg Weinmann notes, we communicate via umbilical cord. Brian and his partner, Cherri, have designed projects for me for 24 years now. We have produced over sixty posters in that time, calendars and athlete cards, plus SPIKES magazine first US issue, among others. 

My son, Adam, and his partners, Mike and AJ, are the Shoe Addicts. When Adam left the music business, he pitched me on doing music videos for athletes. Their first was a video on David Oliver, which is amazing to this day. The hundred and forty so videos that we have done, and their assistance in covering major events has brought in a renewed interest from 14-30 year olds. Adam also provides me advice on the business. Along with my brother, they are my most trusted advisors (well, add in my parents, who are hugely supportive). 

Alex Larsen, my ad traffic manager, deals, from lovely Wisconsin, with ads large and small, and the design of several custom publications we are hired to produce. With a fine editorial free lance team, we produce several titles in print, digital form. Alex worries for me. 

With that team, I focus on what I do best: Chronicling the sport, telling stories about our sport and selling the advertising that supports all of the projects we do, day in, day out, around the little global running village. 

While I was writing about the London marathon preview, Victah Sailer, our key photography partner, sent photos from the Vienna Marathon kids'events. 

Those will be in a photo gallery on Monday, courtesy of Chuck.  And our publishers can choose to run those on their sites or link to or 

Under Fortius Media Group, we have now 35 digital partners, in North America, South America, Europe and now, Africa. It is fun to hear from our partners and discuss the sport when I see them in events such as London. 

It is a global community. 

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