Michigan Runner TV: Gary Morgan Reporting from China/IAAF World Championships


Gary Morgan is the associate editor of Michigan Runner.

He is one of my great friends, and he is fearless. The man has traveled in more countries than I, and every day starts with a couple hour walk in areas that he travels. Gary has written a column of his travels for years, found at MichiganRunner.com, one of our partner sites.

In 2008, we did the Gary & Larry Show at the Olympic Trials and in Beijing. I have to admit that those are some of my favorite memories.

Art & Jennie McCafferty, the publisher and editor of MIchigan Runner have championed digital video for the Running Network, Michigan Runner and Michigan Golf for nearly two decades. Art & Jennie understood the value of the web, and social media long before me.

Gary Morgan has a cult following, he is known as Mr. Ubiquitous.

His gentle camera focus, and his thoughtful questions come from a man who made the 1988 Olympic team the hard way-he earned it. Walking the 20k and 50k, Gary made the 1988 Olympic team at the 20k Race walk. A 2:35 marathoner, Gary Morgan learned to racewalk and pursued his dream.

Here is a collection of Gary's work, posted by my spiritual advisor, Art McCafferty as Gary Morgan sleeps on his crazy flights back from China.

I believe Gary Morgan is pace setting for a half marathon next weekend somewhere in America. He is a pace setter for about 30 races a year.

Michigan Runner TV
Gary Morgan Reporting From China
IAAF World Championships

Our reporter Gary Morgan is in the air somewhere between China and Michigan and will touch ground later today.
Gary's camera broke when he got to Beijing and he used his iPhone. We took his Mixed Pool videos and combined them with the photos of Victah Sailor when we had them and here is the product we produced.
We still have another 10 shows that we will be putting up later this week.
Opening Ceremonies and 20K Walk,
IAAF World Championships Interviews - With Gary Morgan
Sam Crouse - Javelin, Shalane Flanagan - 10K, Bryshon Nellum 400m,
Emily Infeld - 10K,
IAAF World Championships Interviews - With Gary Morgan
Justin Gaitlin 200m, Emily Infeld, 10, 000 meters , Candyce Mcgrone,
200 meters, Cassandra Tate, bronze medalist 400 meter hurdles, Jenna Prandini, 200 meters,
IAAF World Championships Interview - Nick Willis 1500
IAAF World Championships Interview - Esther Erb - Women's Marathon
IAAF World Championships Interviews - Jamacian & USA Teams Interviews
4x400m Relays
IAAF World Championships Interview - Galen Rupp - 5,000m
IAAF World Championships Interview, Ben True 5000m
IAAF World Championships Interviews - Shalane Flanagan Emily Infeld & Molly
IAAF World Champiomships Interview - Justin Gaitlin 100 & 200m
IAAF World Championships 100m Run - Usain Bolt
IAAF World Champiomships Interview - Mike Rogers
IAAF World Champiomships Interview - Nicole Tully
IAAF World Champiomships Interview - David Oliver
IAAF World Champiomships Interview - Mo Farrah
IAAF World Champiomships Interview - Christian Taylor Triple Jump
IAAF World Champiomships - Opening and Closing Ceremonies, Great Wall &
Forbidden City
IAAF World Champiomships Interview - 20K Women Race Walkers
IAAF World Champiomships Interview - Hammer Throw Amber Campbell &
Amanda Bing
IAAF World Champiomships Assorted Interviews: Deloach Soukup, Long Jump,
Gianna Bartoletta 400m, Kara Winger, Javelin, Brianna Rollins and Phyllis Francis, 400 meters
IAAF World Champiomships Assorted Interviews: Stephanie Garcia, women's
steeple chase, Shamir Little, silver medalist 400 meter hurdles, Jenna
Pranndini. 200 meters, Molly Beckwith-Ludlow. 800 meters, Jenna Pranndini
200 meters

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