iNADO calls for Russian athletes to banned from RIO 2016, from EME News (Source: AP)


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In this world of instant communications, time is still needed to change cultures and systems. I find the comments that ARAF can be completely torn down and then rebuilt in a few months as not taking the provisional explusion in the seriousness of the situation.

We have important NGBs that do not have consistent testing programs. Without consistent testing, all performances are suspect. And that is not fair to the clean athletes, clean coaches and fans of those countries.

I have tried to hold my tongue over the past few days as everyone from the IOC on, not only expressed confidence in Russia changing its ways. But, if this is a serious undertaking, and not just a whitewash, then, all involved have to note that this could take some time.

I applaud iNADO, IAAF, WADA in making the difficult decisions to out one of the most important global sport powers. I also believe that there are good and honest sports people in Russia that will take the WADA report seriously and make the changes to bring Russia back into the global athletic fold. I find the name calling and blame game abhorrent and disruptive.

Redemption does not come overnight. I find the talk of Russia changing its system in three months as ludicrous as people who speak, soberly, of a two hour marathon.

A two hour marathon is not possible, by humans without all kinds of doping. It is silly and insulting to the people who actually run marathons, and who earn those 2:04s, 3:04s or 5:04s.

Likewise, if, as WADA has suggested that a system was in place where cheating was part of the national system, that Russian security people bullied drug testers in Sochi, and that a Moscow doping lab destroyed 1,400 plus drug tests, then, we have a problem that will not be overcome overnight.

Take WADA's report seriously.

COLORADO SPRINGS (USA): The Institute of National Anti-Doping Organizations (iNADO) have called for Russian athletes to be banned from Rio 2016, report AP. iNADO chair David Kenworthy, who is also the chair of UK Anti-Doping, said, „We're not convinced there's enough time between now and then for them to clean up their act." He noted that the reform process will likely take years and not just six months. Kenworthy also expressed iNADO's desire to have WADA take a greater role in examining countries. „We'd like to allow WADA to have the ability to robustly examine countries, rather than rely on self-reporting."

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