2016 IAAF World Indoor Athletics: Moment of Larry, Day Two


The MOMENT of Larry, aka MOMENTO of Larry, is my new, patented adoration of a moment each day in a championship or event, that I find, well, noteworthy.

Theisen_BrianneHug-Worlds16.JPgThe embrace seen around the world, photo by PhotoRun.

The Moment of Larry for Day two was the Pentathlon finish.

It was the moment that Brianne Theisen-Eaton, in running 2:09.99, showed herself that she could go from bronze to gold and win the big one. No matter what Ashton Eaton, a man who obviously loves her and supports her profusely says, No matter what Harry Marra, her coach and advisor says, Brianne has to believe it.

She believes it now. Sometime, during that 800 meters, running with Barbara Nwaba over those four laps, Brianne Theisen-Eaton realized that she could do it, that she could give it her all, regardless of where she finished. Once she did that, she moved from bronze, to silver to gold.

For me, as a former athlete, coach and now, keen observer, those moments of realization are the human part of sports that makes it so transcendent. I saw it in the run by Trayvon Bromell in his 60 meter win, our Moment of Larry Honorable Mention. Those moments of realization are fascinating to watch.

Brianne Theisen-Eaton now gets it. She has gone to the top of the food chain. She will not win all of the time, but now, she will allow herself to win, to give it her all without fear of failure.

That 800 meters in the Pentathlon should be watched, as Brianne Theisen-Eaton was on a mission.

And her 800 meters, so splendid to watch, so emotional to witness as Ashton embraced her after her win, is my Moment of Larry for Day two!

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