Des Moines is the 2018 Championship site, what does it mean?


Men5000-USAout10.jpgDes Moines, USA Champs, 2010, photo by

I recieved a note from some very prominent track fans about not attending the US champs in Des Moines. I understand their feelings. I have been to most of the US champs in the past 35 years. I can not defend how the champs are promoted, by the LOC, and by the national federation.

There is a misconcieved notion that track fans will just show up, spend the several thousand bucks it takes to get tickets, hotels, meals and use their vacation for an off year championships. Last year in Sacramento was a case in point. The local Sports and tourisma board spent money, but not on anything important. They told us that they did not need to spend any money getting real track fans, showing again disrepect to the fans, athletes and sport with a half assed, half filled stadium.

Des Moines sells Drake Relays out each and every year, even in the poor weather of the past few years. So, it is not Des Moines or the facility. Until USATF and the LOC feels that having the stands rocking is important, you will see decisions like this, taking the US champs to places that are hot as hell, and that the championships are on auto pilot.

Perhaps a better idea. In off years, do not hold the champiopnships. If you are not going to do them right, why do them at all?

We are loosing fans by doing championships poorly.

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