Nike Talks World Indoors 2018: Week, 1, Day 1, Sandi Morris is focused on Birmingham


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Today, we are writing about Sandi Morris!

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Morris_Sandi1a-USind17.jpgSandi Morris, photo by

Sandi Morris is one of the finest pole vaulters in the world. That is a fact. Since the World Indoors in Portland (March 2016), Sandi Morris took the silver, then, in August, 2016, Sandi Morris began her rise to the top of American pole vaulting, taking the Olympic silver in Rio de Janiero. In August 2017, Sandi took the silver once again, in the World Championships.


This past season, of 2017, I was fortunate enough to interview Sandi several times. She is a serious athlete, with a strong sense of humor and a fun presence on social media. In 2017, battled back pain for much of the season.

Sandi Morris told Track & Field News that she was not "feeling 100 percent" at London. She continued, to the Bible of the sport (Track & Field News): "I would feel completely fine for a week or so and then something would just trigger it. Whether it was in the weight room or a long jump session, my back would just lock up and I couldn't breathe and then I'd be out of commission for three days. So then the whole year I was kind of tiptoeing around the weight room. I wasn't able to lift the weight that I needed to in order to get strong."

Sandi is noting that she is feeling better and is focused on 2018. Morris will begin her 2018 competitive season at the iconic Reno Pole Vault Summit, one of the largest celebrations of pole vault power in the world.

The big question for Sandi Morris: how does she compete against Ekaterina Stefanidi, who is the current Olympic, European and World Champion. Stefanidi, the European champion as well, with a PB of 4.91m meters, has a shorter PB than Sandi Morris. It is on the competitive battles, at the top heights that Stefanidi is out jumping Morris.

How does Sandi Morris compete against Ekaterina Stefanidi? One clearance at a time. Sandi Morris has the physical and psychological tools to defeat Stefanidi, she just has to believe that she has those talents. Watching them both compete all through 2017 has been fascinating. The Stefanidi-Morris duels are some of the finest in our sport.

We wil just have to watch Sandi Morris over the next couple months, as she competes indoors, and watch her heights and competitions. The US championships, held February 15-16, will be the Trials for the Worlds this year. Sandi Morris should have little problem making the U.S. squad. And then, it is off to Birmingham, England, for the 2018 World Indoors Birmingham, March 1-4, 2018.

One of the best events of the championships will be the women's pole vault. The level of competition around the world in the women's vault has produced fine athletes from Oceana to North America.

And Sandi Morris should be battling for the gold medal.

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