2018 RAK Half Marathon: it is all in the details!


The details that we forget about are key in the success of a race. Great instructions and race packers are only as good as the reach that they actually have. Well, RAK Half Marathon is using social media very effectively, including daily countdown and daily release of race instructions via social media.

I just read that the average mobile phone user refers to their phone 81 times a day. Posting content on instagram, twitter, Facebook, among others reaches different age groups and the race management has to decide who their focus is, the speed with which the information needs to be transmitted, and the import of the information.

In the instagram we show here, the RAK Half Marathon course is being measured with a Jones wheel. Race measurement has been a fine improvement over the past few decades. I recall a marathon world record, actually, more than once, done on short courses so the records did not hold. Certified race measurers, who go to courses large and small, to provide us with accurate race courses are truly taken for granted. My running began in the 1970s are race accuracy was assumed, but not always there. Such details tell you that the race management team are serious about putting on a fine race!

Keitany_Mary-RAK17.jpgMary Keitany, RAK 2017, photo by PhotoRun.net

Lots to learn from RAK half marathon team. Looking forward to meeting with them over the next few days and asking questions. Watch for some fun interviews and coverage from @runblogrun and @theshoeaddicts.

And most importantly, watch for some very fast half marathoning!

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