Asafa Powell, the King of sub 10 second 100 meters, Deep Thoughts from 2018 NYRR Millrose Games Presser


Asafa Powell has been around forever. Well, it sure seems like it. With 98 sub ten second 100 meter races under his belt, Asafa Powell has broken the world record for the 100 meters (9.72) and still owns the WR for 100 yards (9.07).

Powell_AsafaPC-Lausanne11.jpgAsafa Powell, photo by

In 2016, at Portland, Asafa ran 6.44 for the 60 meters, taking his first World Indoor medal, a silver medal. Asafa is tall and his long stride, accompanied with his strong start, makes him a tough competitor!

Powell_UsiannSF-WC09.jpgAsafa Powell, WC 2009, photo by

Asafa has won five World Championship medals (3 relays, and two individual). In 2003, Asafa Powell won the NYRR Millrose Games.

Here's a short interview with Asafa Powell, thanks to Media Manager Nick Nicholas of the NYRR Millrose Games with our esteemed hurdler.

The 111th NYRR Millrose Games can be seen on USATF.TV from 11:30 a.m.- 4 p.m. on Saturday and will be televised live by NBC from 4-6 p.m. There also is the USATF Cool Down show beginning at 6 p.m.

Go to to learn more about the NYRR Millrose Games and to purchase tickets to the Saturday, February 3, 2018meet.

To read the interview, please look below!

1. You won in the Millrose Games in 2005.

Asafa Powell: "Was it that long ago?"

2. If you were to win, it would be a 13-year gap between winning? Mary Decker Slaney had a 12-year gap between winning. If you did it, it would be 13 years?

Asafa Powell: "Again, has it been that long? Thirteen years. I still enjoy the sport. Hopefully I can win tomorrow. When you asked me (earlier) if I was going to win, I said yes. Then you asked me, 'What do you think about Omar." I said, he's going to win. But I thought he was running in the hurdles" (everyone laughs). So, I changed my mind about that. I'm looking forward to competing against Omar. He tried before in the 100 meters."

3. What is your secret to being able to compete for so long at a high level?

Asafa Powell: "It's mostly being talented and you have to stay focused in the sport. A lot of athletes get over-excited and try to do too much and it (hurts) their career. I started a bit late in my career, at 18. I think that kind of helped me a bit."


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