At the Copernicus Cup, Lisek, Bukowiecki, TaLou, Lasitskene shine like the brightest stars! Complete results from IAAF Meeting Results


RunBlogRun opines: Torun, Poland is the birthplace of Nicolaus Copernicus (1473-1543). Nicolaus revolutionized astronomy and contributed to modern economics with his writings and discoveries. Mr. Copernicus was an astronomer, classics scholar, diplomat, economist, governor, mathmatician, physician and translator. Nicolaus had the degrees from the Universities of Krakow, Bologna, Padua and Ferarra. Okay, in my day, we would called this man a genius! Today, we might call him a rocket scientist.

His book, De revolutionibus orbium coelestium (On the revolutions of the celestial spheres), was published near his death in 1543. Copernicus proved (as Aristarchus of Samos had done in 300 B.C.E.) that the Earth was not the center of the universe. In fact, the Earth revolved around the sun. Back in the Reformation, and Renaissance, there were great moments of discovery and the brutalness of ignorance. Copernicus faced the wrath of ignorance on the political and religious level oin his contemporary world. Sounds a bit like today, n'est-ce pas?. This man changed our world. Kind of cool that the Copernicus Cup exists.

TaLou_Marie200SF1-WC17.jpgMarie-Jose TaLou ran 7.14 in 60m in Torun, photo by

So, how could the meet director not name the meet after Torun's favorite son, Mr. Copernicus? Hence the Copernicus Cup, now in it's fourth year, shined with the athletic stars of Poland, the Slovak Republic, Great Britian and the Cote D'Ivoire, among many.

Piotr Lisek, the European Indoor Champion (Belgrade 2017) and silver medalist at the World Indoor, cleared 5.91 meters, the world leader and a meet record. Jan Vulko, the Slovak star, ran 6.57 NR in a tight win with Andrew Fisher, who ran 6.59. Adam Kszczot entertained the Polish fans as the European champion won the 800 meters in 1:46.75.

Bukowiecki_KonradQW-WorC17.jpgKonrad Bukowiecki threw 22.00 meters even, and BOOM! European U23 record and Polish NR Indoor! photo by

Konrad Bukowiecki threw 22.00 meters, a new European U23 and Polish record! Tomas Stanek was at 21.80m, having already won the shot put wild card! He will be in Birmingham.

Lasitskene_MariaQ-WC17.jpgMaria Lasitskene clears 2.00 meters, her 36th win in a row! photo by

On the women's side, Marie Jose TaLou won the 60m in 7.11 over Dina Asher-Smith in 7.14. TaLou is numero deux on the 2018 List behind fellow athlete from the Cote'd'Ivoire, Murielle Ahoure. Maria Lasitskene cleared 2.00m, and tried 2.05 meters, winning her 36th event in a row!

A fantastic event! How do you not put the Copernicus Cup on the bucket list? Congrats to IAAF on an excellent broadcast via FB and twitter, the present and future of our sport broadcasting.

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