Christian Coleman's amazing WR for 60 meters: 6.34!


We have seen the present and future of sprinting. His name is Christian Coleman, and he finally has a real possible WR for the 60 meters.

Bear with me a moment. Way back on January 19, Christian Coleman ran a 6.45 semi final in the 60 meters at a small meet at Clemson, South Carolina. The fans were then treated to a 6.37 run over the sixty meter distance. Christian Coleman had run the sixty meters faster that the current WR of 6.39, set by American star Maurice Greene, twice, once in 1998 and equalled in 2001.

Coleman_ChristianQ-USind18.jpgChristian Coleman, first round, February 17, 2018, photo by

But, kind readers, the time of 6.37 would never be ratified. Electronic blocks were not used. And as Electronic blocks measure false starts, and they were not in use, the race missed one record parameter. The proverbial second strike was that a "Zero Gun" was not used. A "Zero Gun" test insures that the electronic blocks were working. Since that could not be done, you have strike two! And then, the little thing about drug testing. No drug testing protocal.

Sad for Christian Coleman, but good for fans in Albuquerque.

Here's how I saw Christian Coleman run his two rounds and a final at the USATF Indoors and blow the fields away.

Christian Coleman has been the hit of the season.

Last weekend, at the New Balance, Christian Coleman ran the 60 meters. He stumbled out of the blocks, and somehow, kept in the race, and ran a 6.46 for the 60 meters, shutting it down before the 50 meter mark. What this tells sprint geeks is that the man is controlling his energy and either has a high opinion of himself, or, like a good poker player, is just holding the deck very close.

Coleman_Christian-NBind18.jpGNew Balance, a sprinter stumbles, yet runs 6.46, photo by

I believed it was the latter.

At the US championships, Christian Coleman had an adquate start, ramped up to near top speed, then around 50 meters shut it down, running 6.46. There was no stumbling, no panic. Coleman was in total control.

Coleman_ChristianQ-USin18.JPGChristian Coleman, first round, 60 meters, photo by

In the semi-finals, Christian Coleman had a better start, and, once again, approached his top speed, did not accelerate, and shut it down once again, slowing after the 50 meters, running 6.43, showing a peek of what he can do.

Sprinters are entertainers. They also play a game with the competition and the fans. An athlete can build up through the rounds, and play a few mental games with the competition. Coleman was not really doing that. He was, and is, dominating.

Coleman_ChristianQ1-USin18.JPGChristian Coleman, photo by

When asked post final, Christian Coleman noted, " Yes, I thought I could get the World Record. Coach thought so, and we have been building towards it." That means that 6.37 was just a declaration of his intentions.

In the final, there was a false start. I always get a bit queezy with false starts, as I know that the fans have come to see the stars, but we have rules. Thankfully, it was not Mr. Coleman.


Christian Coleman, photo by

As Christian Coleman came out of the blocks, he was flying. Building up to top speed, Ronnie Baker and Michael Rodgers were closest, but Colemn was flying away. The fans were going nuts. This was a rather quiet crowd over the weekend, but, they were duly excited with the 1,500 meter wins by Shelby Houlihan and Paul Chelimo, the big upset by Katie Nageotte in the Pole Vault. Then, just before the men's 60m final, there was an 60m women's hurdle record for the U.S., and two great 400 meters races.

But, this was the final event. And the crowd of about 2500 were all primed. Coleman had a fine start, and as he began to run down the track, you felt something special was happening. Coleman was flying down the track, and he had real estate.

At about 55 meters, Christian Coleman put both arms up and out, and then, he crossed the line with arms outstretched, dominating the race.

When we saw the time, I nearly gasped. 6.34? Six point three four seconds! A new world record , well possible, but we know that we will have thee of the criteria (electronic blocks, Zero Gun, drug testing).

Christian Coleman ran 6.34, a new World Record. Ronnie Baker ran a PB of 6.40, which is, I believe the number 4 all times.

A strong US team going to Birmingham, with Christian Coleman and Ronnie Baker.

One final observation regarding Christian Coleman. With the indoor and open college season off his back, Christian is getting more from his training and can focus on the elite season. This guy could be dominating the sprints this season and for many to come.

And Christian Coleman, to me, looked like he could go faster.

Coleman_ChristianQ1a-USind18.jpgChristian Coleman, photo by

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