Gabby Grunewald and the Vince Lombardi Trophy


Gabrielle Grunewald is a fine runner. I recall watching her win the 2014 USA Indoors 3000 meters with a withering kick. Even in that victory, which was finally given to her, there was, well, some complications. True to her spirit, Gabrielle stayed above the fray.

Anderson_GabrielleFHL-USAind14.jpgGabrielle Grunewald, the ecstacy of victory, 3000m, USATF 2014 Indoors, photo by

A fine runner who many of us have watched for over a decade, I have loved her determination, her smile, and her kick. She gives no quarter, and no quarter is given. I call her Gabby, and I hope that is not offensive.

"At the end of the day, we can endure much more than we think we can." -- Frida Kahlo . . . 2017 busted me but it did not break me. I survived. . I came back from a major cancer surgery. I trained and raced on chemo (the aftermath, pictured). I ran through a summer and fall of immunotherapy. I ended the year with a liver-directed radiation treatment. I prayed that something would work. I wept. I wiped my tears and laced up my shoes. I did not give up on hope, or my dreams. . It was the hardest year of my life, but it wasn't all bad. Not even close. I was loved by friends. Supported by family. Humbled by the kindness of strangers. I lived my life despite the interruptions, disappointments, and pain. It's not the one I imagined but it's the one I've been given and I'm grateful for it. . And at the end of the day, a year of life is a year of life, no matter how hard or trying. I'm thankful I'm still here. I'm thankful for the opportunity to fight. Inspire. Live. Love. Run. . Happy New Year ✨ GG

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Her current battle is about the pure art of living. Living is an art form. Some do it well, some do it in an exceptional manner. Gabby and her husband have been traveling to medical centers to help understand and battle her race cancers.

It is said that one learns what they are really made of when they deal with difficult circumstances. Gabby has had several lifetimes of challenges.

In November, I listened to Gabby speak at the AKTIV against Cancer Luncheon. It was inspiring and heart felt. Gabby understands the art of living life.

From 2:01.83 at 800 meters to 4:01:48 for 1,500 meters to 8:43.52 for 3000 meters, to 15:19.50, Gabby Grunewald has experienced, as I am rife to repeat, the "Trials of Miles and Miles of Trials" written about by John Parker in Once a Runner.

In the final instagram we posted, Gabrielle spoke at the Lombardi Cancer Foundation. She got to hold the Lombardi Trophy. The Vince Lombardi Trophy is the trophy given to the winner of the Super Bowl, that peculiar American institution.

Gabby was speaking at the Vince Lombardi Cancer Foundation's Leaders for a Cure Luncheon. Gabrielle speaks with her heart, from a place of knowledge. If you get a chance to hear her speak, to meet her, do it.

Gabrielle Grunewald gets a huge trophy on the most important competition, on the art of living.

As Gabrielle said in one of her instagrams. "Live, Love, Run."

So, to end this piece, lets remember that.

Live, Love, Run.

Repeat daily.

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