2018 LA Marathon Diary: Toni Reavis, Finest Road Race Announcer in Sport, Interview with RunBlogRun


Reposted March 31, 2018

Toni Reavis is one of the finest announcers in our sport. I do not believe there is a better announcer for road racing. The great thing about Toni Reavis is that he can entertain even the most novice TV running sports fan. A great interview, as Toni Revais speaks on his 33 years of announcing the Skechers Performance LA Marathon.

Toni Reavis has been announcing road races since before many of you were born.

Toni Reavis and I come from the city of Saint Louis. Toni first moved to Boston, immersed himself in road racing, and then, moved to the warmth of San Diego.

Reavis-WillisTV-BAAmile13.jpgToni Reavis with Nick Willis, BAA Mile, photo by PhotoRun.net

Toni Reavis is as close as we get to a scholar in road running. His knowledge, his sense of humor and his ability to put road racing in the context of the sports fan. Toni also loves the sport and has been challenging the status quo and trying to help direct the conversation on how to energize the sport.

Reavis_ToniToya-Beach07.jpgToni Reavis with the love of his life, Toya Reavis, photo by PhotoRun.net

In this interview, which I have wanted to do for years, we get a glimpse of how Toni Reavis' wonderful mind works. If you can watch his coverage of the Skechers Performance LA Marathon, which he has done 32 times in 32 years.

Watch a professional, and enjoy the coverage of the LA Marathon.

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