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Paul Chelimo is the 2016 Rio silver medalist for the 5000 meters. In February 2018, Paul Chelimo won the 1,500 meters and 3000 meters. When @runblogrun spoke to Paul right after his Albuquerque, New Mexico double, Paul made it clear that he wanted to win the double.

Here is Jeff Benjamin's quick interview with Paul Chelimo.

Chelimo and Jeff .jpegJeff Benjamin and Paul Chelimo, photo by Jeff Benjamin

RunBlogRun, 1) How did you get into the Sport?

Paul Chelimo: Growing up I knew I was talented, I used to win races with no training so I realised there was something special in me and also Kenya being a mecca of running gave me some extra motivation to pursue running.

RunBlogRun, 2) Did you consider yourself a slow or fast developer?

Paul Chelimo: I think a fast developer because I have now run for 7 years and I'm starting to become successful within such a short time. Remember, my first 5000m race on a dirt track in 7000ft was 15:09, two months into training.

RunBlogRun, 3) Most memorable Youth Race?

Paul Chelimo: I would say 2013 World University games in Kazan,Russia where I won the Silver Medal, since I started training after high school.

RunBlogRun, 4) Most memorable Race at any level?

Chelimo_PaulQ1b-Rio16.jpgPaul Chelimo, Rio 2016, photo by

Paul Chelimo: 2016 Rio Olympic games where I won Silver. Also the 2017 US Championships where I ran the US meet record wire to wire.

Chelimo_PaulFVSalut1-USAout17.jpgPaul Chelimo, Sacramento 2017, photo by

RunBlogRun, 5) How's it different being a pro athlete?

Paul Chelimo: Its way different in that every little things matters. Diet and Recovery is very important at the professional level.

RunBlogRun, 6) What Training philosophy are you following?

Paul Chelimo: I try listen to my body but I always live by the Vedic hymn "Go hard or Suffer the rest of your life."

RunBlogRun, 7) Do you incorporate any cross training and/or Weight training?

Paul Chelimo: I have started doing weight training more this year but No cross training since I find it boring --haha!!

RunBlogRun, 8) What advice can you give to young Runners?

-Listen to your body
-Listen to your coach
-Eat Well
-Get enough rest
-Be tough mentally
-Patience and consistency is key

Finally Go hard or suffer the rest of your life!!

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