2018 Bislett Diaries: The Strawberry Party


Strawberry 1.jpgStrawberry Party, photo by Stuart Weir, June 6, 2018

Strawberry 2.jpgStrawberry Party, June 6, 2018, Oslo, Norway, photo by Stuart Weir

invitation.jpgAn invitation to the Strawberry Party, photo by Stuart Weir

Okay, if you are reading RunBlogRun, you are an athletics geek, or, will soon be diagnosed as one. It is okay, there were many famous and functioning track geeks, although, I can not think of any. So, back from the digression. The Strawberry Party is one of the THE cool events on the European circuit. I remember reading the Runner Magazine in the 80s and reading about elite athletes gossiping over strawberries and such.

mayor hall 1 .jpgThe Mayors Hall, Oslo, Norway, (where Nobel Prizes are given out), photo by Stuart Weir

Stuart Weir, only as part of a journalistic endeavor, wrote this piece on the Strawberry Party, and provided gobs of pictures for us. Thanks Stuart for taking a tough one for us!

Mayor hall 2.jpgMayor's Hall (doesn't every Norwegian have this in their home?), photo by Stuart Weir

The Strawberry Party

Kara Winger, SB 6.jpgKara Winger, AR holder, Javelin, with a new friend, photo by Stuart Weir

One of the fine traditions of the Bislett Games is the Strawberry Party. The founder and former director of the meet, Arne Haukvik, used to invite athletes, sponsors and the press to his home for his traditional "strawberry party" the day before the event each year. He died some years ago but the tradition lives on.

Katie Nageotte, SB 5.jpgKatie Nageotte, US Indoor Champion, examining a strawberry, photo by Stuart Weir

Now hosted in the magnificent City Hall, where the Nobel Peace Prize is presented annually, the mayor of the city, Marianne Borgen, welcomed a representative number of athletes, dignitaries and media. The Bislett Games received an award for sustainability on its way to its declared aim of being: "the most sustainable international athletics meeting in the world".

strawberry 3.jpgA group of Strawberry worshippers at the Strawberry Party, photo by Stuart Weir, June 6, 2018

Strawberry 7 .jpgThe famous Strawberry Party, photo by Stuart Weir, June 6, 2018

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