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Jeff Benjamin caught up with Lauren Paquette, via email and we thank Lauren for getting back to fast. We look forward to seeing Lauren at the Ocean Breeze AC for the 2019 USATF Indoors later this week. This season, Lauren ran a 4:41.15 for 8th place on 26 January at the Dr. Norb Sander Invite. On 9 February, at the Millrose ran 8:57.51 for 8th at 3000m.

RunBlogRun, # 1) How Did You Get Into The Sport?

Lauren Paquette: I got into the sport as a junior in high school because the xc team at my high school was one person short to run at state (one girl was sick) and they recruited me to fill in for her. I was known as having some speed from fast-pitch softball and Tag in mini-Olympics 😉

RunBlogRun, # 2)Were You A Fast Or Slow Developer?

Lauren Paquette: I think I was a relatively quick developer, but just hadn't discovered the sport until I was 17, so it's hard to say. I can get in shape pretty quickly, but have also struggled with a lot of injuries that have hindered my progression in running.

RunBlogRun, # 3) Most Memorable HS Race?

Lauren Paquette: I didn't race much in high school because I started so late. I was already committed to other sports, but I guess it would have to be at an Arkansas All-Star meet (the meeting of all of the state champions across all divisions in Arkansas). I was racing my future college roommate, and knew it before the race, but we had never actually met before (different divisions). No big crazy race or anything - sorry! :)

RunBlogRun, # 4) Most Memorable College Race?

Lauren Paquette: The most memorable college race for me was probably becoming an All-American in cross-country my senior year - I think I was. My previous best finish before then was 83rd, and cross-country was never my strong point, so I was pretty happy that day!

RunBlogRun, 5) What's The Difference in Being A Pro?

Lauren Paquette: Being a pro athlete is different, in that you have more time to get in shape - you aren't racing as much so you have more time to develop at your own pace...You can marinate in training a little bit longer before lacing up to race and do what's really best for your own development. For me personally, it's very different because I train solo right now, whereas in high school and college you have a lot of teammates. I find that I really miss working out with people and having teammates, but it also affords me to opportunity to do things how I need to do them, selfishly. There are pros and cons to both I'd say.

RunBlogRun, # 6) Do you follow a certain Training Philosophy?

Lauren Paquette: I'm not sure I have one set training philosophy! If anything, it would be to learn the skill of adaptability.

RunBlogRun, #7) Any Weight Training And/or Cross Training?

Lauren Paquette: Yes, I do about 10-15% of my weekly volume on the ElliptiGO. I do Olympic lifting 2x/week.

RunBlogRun, # 8) What advice can you give to young runners?

Lauren Paquette: Do what makes you happy and cherish your coaches and teammates!!

RunBlogRun, # 9) Any Staten Island Connections?

Lauren Paquette: Nada; all of my ties are in the South or on the West coast. But I absolutely love NYC and so pumped to be back!

The @runblogrun tour of the IAAF World Indoor Tour, aka Le Tour de Larry, is sponsored by USATF and Nike, reminding you that the 2019 Toyota USATF Indoor Championships are February 22, 23, and 24 at the Ocean Breeze AC, on Staten Island. To purchase tickets, please use this link:

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