2019 HOKA ONE ONE Week Three, Summer Mileage, Week 3, Day 1: A run in the park!


This is mid July. It is time to begin the serious focus on fall cross country, which begins in six to eight weeks for most of the 550,000-600,000 in high school cross country athletes in the US and Canada. We will provide varied workouts for athletes and gear this to the high school athlete. Many open and college athletes use our programs on a daily basis. Again, we suggest college athletes or advanced high school seniors add a 30-45 minute morning run, 3-5 times a week, and basic core work (bent leg sit ups, push ups, pull ups, start with 5, build up to 25 each, push ups, sit ups, and 10 pull ups, 3x a week).

Crawford_Graham2-Martinez19.jpgGraham Crawford, photo by Kevin Morris

Time to get two pairs of training shoes, one lighter, one heavier, to insure 16-20 weeks of trainers. Check out www.hokaoneone.com and also, we recommend, to see other brands, please check out, www.runningwarehouse.com.

Monday, July 15, 2019: 55 minute park run

Week 1, Summer mileage, week 3, time to get focused

Monday: 55 minute park run

Tuesday: 20 minute warm up run, 3 times hilly mile, 5 minute jog between each, 20 minute cooldown

Wednesday: 45 minute run, relaxed

Thursday: 60 minute fartlek, 20 times 1 minute hard, one minute easy, 10 minutes easy before and after, keep it good effort

Friday: 45 minute park run, relaxedr

Saturday: 50 minute easy run

Sunday: 65-70 minute long run

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