2019 HOKA ONE ONE Week 7, Summer Mileage, Training Week 7, Day 3: Wednesday is a day of understanding...


The grind has begun. You are now into week 7. You can feel the strength. The easy runs are better now and faster. You like the challenges, althought you slightly curse your coach and or @runblogrun during 20 times a minute, or five hilly miles.

It is rainy today in Wisconsin. I am taking my umbrella as I do my walk today. I find that my 45 minute walks, and 2 hour walks do similar things as when I was running 60 miles a week in high school or 120-140 miles a week in college.

The build up is important. Your body can handle the challenges that your spirit questions.

Be brave. Take the challenges.

IMG_5330.jpgTaking an easy run with the crew, photo by NAZ Elite

Wednesday, August 14, 2019: 55 minute run, relaxed

Week 7, Summer mileage, Training week 7, the grind has begun

Monday: 55 minute park run

Tuesday: 20 minute warm up run, 3 x hilly mile, 5 minute job, 6 x 150m strideouts

Wednesday: 55 minute run, relaxed

Thursday: 70 minute fartlek,10 x 3 minutes, with 2 minute jog, 10 minute warm up, 10 minutes cooldown

Friday: 55 minute park run, relaxed

Saturday: 50 minute easy run

Sunday: 75-85 minute long run

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