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Hoppel-Brazier-USAout19.jpgBryce Hoppel, US Champs, photo by

So, how do I explain my fascination with Bryce Hoppel? Bryce runs the 800m like he was born to run the two lapper. In 2019, Hoppel wins the NCAA Outdoor in 1:44.41. Then, at the Pan Am Games, Bryce took 4th in 1:47.48. Oh, sometime in that time frame, he took 3rd in USATF 800m, had a thirteen meet winning streak, and signed with adidas and with Global Athletics & Marketing's Mark Wetmore.

Then, came the biggie! Serious, sports fans, Bryce makes the final the WC 800m! And, in the last sixty meters, he looked like he could capture the world, taking down everyone but three. As Donavan Brazier took gold in MR/AR of 1:42.34, along comes Bryce Hoppel, running like a man possessed. Bryce did not churn up the track, as I am apt to say, he melted that Mondo surface, flying down the last 60 meters to take 4th in 1:44.25 PB!

Jeff Benjamin, Senior writer, East coast, RunBlogRun (really Staten Island), did this interview.

In Doha

Bryce Hoppel

By Jeff Benjamin

RunBlogRun, 1) How Did You Get Involved In The Sport?

Bryce Hoppel: "I ran here and there back from the time of elementary school but, the significant moment that I really got into was sophomore year in high school. I had been playing soccer all my life and that was always the main focus of my efforts. It wasn't until my high school cross country coaches came to the soccer team to get some of the guys to come out for the summer to "stay in shape for soccer". I ended up becoming best friends with a group on the team and the coach helped me find a passion for the sport."

RunBlogRun, 2) Did you consider yourself a fast or slow developer?

Bryce Hoppel: "I think everything for me has always developed very quickly. I have yet to hit a time of no progression and I am extremely blessed for more and more opportunities to keep coming my way.

Hoppel_BryceFV-Worlds19.jpgBryce Hoppel, World Champs, Doha 2019, photo by

RunBlogRun, 3) Your most memorable High School Race?

Bryce Hoppel: "I would say my most memorable high school race was the state meet. The atmosphere of Mike A. Myers stadium was something else for that race and I'll never forget the first feeling of being in front of a lively crowd."

RunBlogRun, 4) Your Most Memorable College Race?

Bryce Hoppel: "Most memorable college race is tough because there was so many great ones. Winning the DMR conference title for Big 12's is one that really always stands out. Something about winning a title with a team make it so much more rewarding because you get to see the joy it brings the teammates that put in the work as well."

RunBlogRun, 5) How Much Contact Do You Have With Fellow Jayhawk Legend Jim Ryun?

Bryce Hoppel: "I have had communication with Jim Ryun through text. It's incredible to be in contact with such a great man and runner."

RunBlogRun, 6) What Are the Differences With Being A Pro Runner?

Bryce Hoppel: "There might be some differences with the schedule but as for my mindset, I don't think anything will change. I just go out there, have fun, and do what I love."

RunBlogRun, 7) What Training Philosophy Do You Follow?

Bryce Hoppel: "I'm not sure I really have a training philosophy. I've always been one to just go with the flow, put in the work, and follow the plan of Michael Whittlesey".

RunBlogRun, 8) What Types Of Cross Training Do You Incorporate?

Bryce Hoppel: "Not much cross training, but the weight room is definitely a staple in being a successful 800m runner."

Hoppel_BryceQ-Doha19.jpgBryce Hoppel writes his story, photo by

RunBlogRun, 9) What Kind Of Advice Can You Give To Younger Athletes?

Bryce Hoppel: "My advice would be to always have fun with it. There will of course be hard work, but in any situation of life you should always love what you do and have fun."

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