2020 Golden Gala Diary: Where will the Golden Gala 2020 be held? Milano? Napoli? Firenze?


Lyles-Norman-Tortu-GuliyevPC-Rome19.jpgLyles, Norman, Tortu, Guiliyev, photo by Photorun.net

The Golden Gala meeting in Rome is one of this journalist's fave events. The iconic nature of the Rome Olympic stadium, the excitement of the crowd and the killer fields all add to the lustre of the meet.

Where will be Golden Gala 2020

MILANO (ITA): La Gazzetta dello Sport informs, that in the coming week Italian federation FIDAL will decide where the Golden Gala Pietro Mennea Diamond League meet will be held on May 28, 2020. The usual place Olympic Stadium in Rome is not available due to football European Championships. The other option in Milano is for the moment not offering enough space for media. The other possibilities are Napoli and Firenze.

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