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Featuring Geordie Beamish

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Geordie Beamish is a New Zealand athlete, who, via Northern Arizona University, was coached by Mike Smith and developed into a promising middle distance runner.

Geordie Beamish's biggest challenges has been injuries. Light on mileage, Geordie has gone 13:31.58 at 5000m outdoors (May 2, 2019), and 3:56.90 at the indoor mile (8 Feb 2020). In 2019, Geordie surprised all by he and his coach, with his NCAA indoor mile.

I enjoyed speaking with Geordie Beamish. He is a straight shooter, thoughtful and knows that he has been fortunate in his relationships with coaches. Mike Smith at NAU, and now, Dathan Ritzenhein.

Our discussion was relaxed, and I was intent on learning about Geordie Beamish and his move to Boulder with the OAC.

My take? This young man has wheels and he will take his place among the amazing Kiwis in athletic history.

Thanks Geordie Beamish.

Thanks Mike Deering/The Shoe Addicts on producing this interview.

Time Stamps:
0:00 - Introduction
1:11 - Northern Arizona University Program
3:05 - Surprised by your 3:56 at Millrose?
3:42 - Why did you join the OAC?*
6:08 - What's it like training in Boulder?
6:44 - What are your dreams for your career?
7:12 - Why does Payton Jordan bring the best out of athletes?
8:27 - The best Breakfast Burrito
9:58 - Dream Distance
10:39 - How do you juggle hard days and easy days?
11:45 - What do you think about the Alter G?
12:32 - Do you see yourself competing in 2028?
13:31 - Do you want to represent New Zealand?/New Zealand History of Running
15:12 - Do you watch a lot of track meets?
15:47 - Has Coach asked about doing longer distances?
16:22 - Why do you like the 5000m?
16:58 - What do you think you could run in the mile?
17:16 - What's more important, times or being a good racer?
17:29 - Do you think you have a strong finish?
17:40 - What's your ideal race?
17:56 - Can you tell when you're putting it together in a race?
18:37 - Do you feel intimidated by your competition in a race?*
19:28 - Did you get to enjoy the crowd at Millrose?
20:20 - Do you function well training at altitude?
21:00 - Developing the training system with Dathan*
22:14 - Was it a tough decision to choose OAC over another year in college?*
23:03 - Is your brother an athlete too?
23:37 - Did you consider Villanova for college?
24:08 - Do you get back to New Zealand often?
24:51 - Was going to NAU a culture shock?
25:38 - Do you have a favorite workout?
26:38 - Is there a workout you hate?
26:58 - What made Coach Smith special?
28:05 - What makes a successful Coach/Athlete relationship?
30:12 - Improvisation during a workout
31:38 - Is there an athlete you admire?
32:04 - What field event would you like to try?
32:41 - Favorite sport to watch on tv?
33:06 - Are there things athletics could do better to cover it live? (If you were in charge of track and field for a day what would you do to improve the coverage?)
34:06 - Do you want to race in New Zealand again?
34:28 - Do you qualify or are you selected to compete for New Zealand?
34:55 - What music do you listen to while training?
36:29 - Epilogue

To see our conversation with Dathan Ritzenhein, coach at the OAC, please go to:

For more information:,

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