RunBlogRun Deep Archives (November 2010): Run Unleashed: Relentless


unleashed3.jpgRun Unleashed: Relentless, photo 1, by The Shoe Addicts

This video was completed in late November 2010. I had been pitched by Adam, Mike and AJ on doing video work. Nike's ad agency asked us to show us what they could do, so the emerging Shoe Addicts came up with this concept. Music, video, voice was their ideas.

unleashed 2.jpgRun Unleashed: Relentless, photo 2, by The Shoe Addicts

The video captures the spirit in running. The voice over brings the viewer in. While Nike did not use it, the video did help me see how I could and should use video to build content on our websites.

unleashed 1.jpgRun Unleashed: Relentless, photo 3 by The Shoe Addicts

The Shoe Addicts are Algernon Felice, Mike Deering and Adam Johnson-Eder.

Since then, The Shoe Addicts have produced more than a thousand videos for RunBlogRun and other clients..

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