Day 3: Women's Jav: Kara Patterson drops the BOMB, 209-10!, by Larry Eder



Kara Patterson knows how to make her competition sweat. Wait until your fourth throw, with the local hero winning, and then, just crank that arm back, release and watch the mighty javelin float, higher and higher, reach its apex, then just float down, fifteen feet farther than the leading throw! The throw was 63.95m, or 209-10, and it won the competition.


Rachel Yurkovich lead from round two, the Duck getting the crowd to go insane, with her 59.07m, then a 56.32m, then, in reaction to Patterson's huge throw, a 59.31m, or 194-07 for the second place position.


In third, Kim Kreiner of Nike, the American record holder at 64.19m, took third in 58.00m or 190-03, from her second throw.

The javelin is one the oldest events in our sport, the world's oldest sport. Not much has changed with the javelin in three thousand years, and the beauty of this event is in its simplicity. One has to relax to throw farther, the javelin is a tough master. Push it and the javelin will master you. It is a reminder of how, nearly three thousand years ago, men in Greece would suspend local feuds to worship their gods and celebrate sport. It is still the dream...

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Best 8 to Final - break ties.
World: W 72.28m 9/13/2008 Barbara Spotakova, CZE
American: A 64.19m 5/6/2007 Kim Kreiner, Nike
Hayward: S 65.20m 2007 Barbora potkov, Czech Republic
Name Year Team Finals
1 Kara Patterson unattached 63.95m 209-10
FOUL 48.88m 52.02m FOUL 63.95m FOUL
2 Rachel Yurkovich unattached 59.31m 194-07
54.74m 59.07m 56.32m FOUL 59.31m 57.60m
3 Kim Kreiner Nike 58.00m 190-03
54.82m 58.00m 56.45m 52.49m FOUL 54.20m
4 Alicia DeShasier unattached 55.08m 180-08
52.48m 52.20m 54.48m 55.08m 50.65m 52.08m
5 Dana Pounds-Lyon U.S. Air Force 54.76m 179-08
54.76m 51.48m FOUL 53.24m 50.73m 51.21m
6 Kimberley Hamilton Kent State 53.96m 177-00
46.56m 49.31m 53.96m 44.90m FOUL 51.29m
7 Kayla Wilkinson-Colgrove unattached 52.39m 171-10
52.39m 50.83m 48.03m FOUL 50.28m 52.09m
8 Katie Coronado New Mexico 50.67m 166-03
47.64m 50.57m 50.67m 46.77m 43.35m 49.45m
9 Michelle Thompson Georgia 49.66m 162-11
FOUL 46.06m 49.66m
10 Hannah Warfield unattached 49.19m 161-05
49.19m 45.22m 46.73m
11 Leslie Bourgeois unattached 47.42m 155-07
45.70m 45.47m 47.42m
12 Anna Raynor Klub Keihas 46.99m 154-02
46.99m 46.18m 45.92m
13 Meghan Briggs Virginia 46.57m 152-09
45.06m 46.57m 45.08m
14 Lisa Brown unattached 46.11m 151-03
46.11m 45.70m 44.86m
15 Michelle Coombs Eastern Washington 45.85m 150-05
43.46m 45.08m 45.85m
16 Samantha Ford unattached 45.46m 149-02
FOUL 45.46m FOUL
-- Brandi McNeil unattached FOUL

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