The British Miler: the RBR Review, by Jeff Benjamin, note by Larry Eder


Updated January 26, 2012

This project was developed internally by New Balance's digital group. NB then hired KIMbia Athletics, to produce the British Miler. The British Miler is a digital series celebrating the history and tradition of the mile in British Athletics. The film, debuted on January 19, 2012. Jeff Benjamin caught up with Patrick
Tomasiewicz to learn about the event and NB's support of the young British milers. The plans are to develop 12 thirty minute episodes, leading up for the twelve weeks before the British Trials. This is just, well great for the sport! 

Jeff's take on the British Miler is below! Nice job to KIMbia Athletics and New Balance Athletic Shoes. We hope that you like it!

(We will follow up with New Balance next week and provide more information on this fantastic series celebrating the British Miler).
British Miler Event
by Jeff Benjamin

No event in track generates more interest like the Mile. Many track and mainstream fans consider it one of the main draw events at any meet. Even it's close sister, the 1500 meters, especially in an Olympic Games, can generate those similar interests as well.

With the Olympics being held in London during the summer of 2012, what better focal point of milers training to compete to represent their country and possibly medal in the Olympic 1500 meters final is better suited?

After all, the Brits can always lay claim to the shattering of the 4-minute mile by Sir Roger Bannister, one of sports' greatest athletic achievements. True track fans can never forget the rivalries and dramatics associated with British milers by the names of Ibbotson, Ovett, Cram, Peter Elliot and of course, Sebastian Coe (who is the major force behind London 2012).

One might say that being a British miler in this time might be an awfully high standard to live up to. Last week, at the NYC Armory, friends and fans were able to take a peek into this world fron the British perspective. The British Milers, a new documentary produced by KIMbia Athletics and narrated by former Olympian Richard Nerurkar gives viewers the opportunity to not only learn about the history of this event.

From Bannister, through Ovett/Coe, to the present, the British Milers allows us to live through the preparations, dedication, and challenges faced by seven of Britain's top milers as they attempt to compete and possibly medal in London's summer games. These seven athletes, over the next few months, must first qualify for the three coveted spots on the British Olympic 1,500m squad.

Fans will be familiar with Andy Baddeley, who did compete in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Final. However, challenging Baddely, as well as each other for the opportunity to represent their country are Nick McCormick, James Brewer, Ricky Stevenson, Tom Lancashire, Lee Emanuel, and Colin McCourt.

This documentary will follow their trials and tribulations as they hope to reach their goals. Accompanying this will be that unique British perspective of their hold on the mile, along with rich archive and expertise given on the event.

 British fans will have to wait until February 23rd for its release, but anyone can go on which will also show additional content like exclusive interviews with athletes and running experts and athlete blogs.

New Balance, which sponsored the event last week, will also commemorate The British Miler story with a limited edition The British Miler running shoe, which will be for sale at select New Balance retail sellers. One must wonder what these seven must be feeling as they try to keep their nation's tradition going. During The British Miler, fans will be able to observe it firsthand!!

 (Special thanks to New Balance's Patrick Tomasiewicz, who XC fans will recall as a member of Joe Newton's York High School "Long Green Line"!)

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