Saucony RBR Fall Cross Country Program, Week 18, Day Two, from RunBlogRun

2013-04-24_huddles eyes-570x379.jpg
MollyHuddle, Duane Solomon, photo by Saucony Racing

The eighteenth week of training. That shows some real commitment. As we get into the tough part of the season(now), stay focused, find times to rest and simplify your day. Read a bit, watch a movie, stay off the texting a bit, just give yourself time to think and breath. 

Tuesday: 1-mile warm up, 20-minute tempo run, 1-mile cool down. To determine your tempo run pace, add a half-minute to your present mile pace for a 5K. So if you can run 18:00 for a 5K now, that means a 5:50 pace. Add 30 seconds, and your tempo run pace is 6:20 per mile. 


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