My beef with Ryan Hall, by Larry Eder


I have watched Ryan Hall race since he was a high school phenom. His Houston Half marathon performance in 2007 just showed how good he was, and his first London was mind boggling. 

With a 13:16 5,000m pb, a 10,000 pb run in a 120 mile week, and his 2:04.55, Ryan Hall has the ability to win not only a World Marathon Majors title, but an Olympic or World marathon medal. 

In my mind, Ryan Hall has squandered his talent. I could not even believe his performance in LA Marathon. 

So, I sat down this evening and wrote my beef with Ryan. 

This was after hearing his social media note on his run at ASICS LA Marathon. 

Something, I felt, had to be said, and written. 

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Ryan Hall, Meb Keflezighi, Abdi Abdirahman, 
Healthy Kidney 2012, photo by

My beef with Ryan Hall, by Larry Eder

So, here is my beef on Ryan Hall: 

I have been there when he told me God was his coach. I took him seriously. 

So, if God gave Ryan such talents, then what does Ryan have to say when he does not use those God-given talents to his best? 

I was always taught to pray as if all depends on God and act as if all depends on you. 

Ryan Hall needs to find a coach, stop tweeting, train and focus. How long does he expect sponsors to buy the peace, love and understanding approach he is taking? 

This is a tragedy on so many levels. 

I want to see Ryan Hall run a marathon with the maturity he should have, the training he should be doing and the level of complexity to his racing that he should be able to exhibit.

 He runs right now like a someone who does not understand that he is in a competitive sport.

I hate to see talent squandered, and Ryan Hall is one race from being a trivia question on Jeopardy.

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