Happy Holidays: a holiday walk, by Larry Eder


WInterScene.jpgOn Christmas morning, I got up and did my normal two hour walk in the morning. The streets were much quieter, and the people I saw and greeted were much nicer. Everyone said, " Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays". It was like San Jose was a tiny little city.

Since the 1970s, I have been one of the people who says hello to nearly everyone I meet on a walk. I picked that up when I started running and Joe Henderson, a long time writer for Runners' World, and key figure in running media for decades, noted that he greeted most other runners. At that time, few were out running, so runners were few and far between.

Now, runners and walkers abound.

In a world that gets more isolating, simple greetings are more important.

What do I remember from my Christmas day walk? A clear sky and nice winds after a great few days of rain.

Enjoy the holidays.

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