Mondo Duplantis Diary: Why does USA want Mondo's 6.05m as NR if he competes for Sweden?

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BERLIN (GER): It appears Armand Duplantis's 6.05m at the European Championships may be ratified as a US pole vault record as well as a Swedish one. This is because he has dual citizenship even though he has chosen to represent the Scandinavian country. "Pole Vault Power" notes on Twitter: "Current @usatf rules mean Mondo's 6.05 will be ratified as the US record. Jeff Hartwig and I told everyone last December this would happen..." Swedish athletics statistician A Lennart Julin has called the scenario "illogical and unfair", reports.

RunBlogRun opines: This just smells. Mondo Duplantis has made it clear that he is competing for Sweden. Not sure why USATF wanta a PV record by an athlete not competing for the country. Why can't USATF just fix the rule? I am not a doctor, but that sounds like the best action.

This is the article from the Swedish paper, Expressen.Se. In the article, which we translated, it says that USATF was warned by Jeff Hartwig that such a situation could happen. Apparently, the USATF legal beagles did not think it warranted any response. The Swedish paper suggested that the USATF person responsible should be released of their duties.

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