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Sarah Brown, 2013 New Balance Games, 
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Sarah Brown is one of the top milers in the U.S. That, is a fact. In high school and college, Sarah Bowman was one of the top middle distance runners in the country. As an elite middle distance runner for the Team New Balance, Sarah Brown has raced across the country, indoor and outdoor, as well as in some of the major meets around the world, chasing fast times and looking to run that perfect race. Her best at 800 meters is 2:02, for 1,500 meters is 4:05 and for the mile is 4:29. In 2010, she raced in the World Indoor Championships, finishing ninth in the 1,500 meters. 

Sarah Brown answered the 17 questions that sent out to elite athletes all over the world, trying to get them to answer questions about their development, their good days and bad. We have fifty replies so far! The seventeen questions give the reader, we believe, a view into what it takes to be an elite athlete. 

We hope that you enjoy Sarah Brown's interview...

Sarah Bowman, Great American XC, 2004, 
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RBR, # 1. How did you get started in the sport?

Sarah Brown: I started my sports career as a soccer player. I played for a competitive league and was most known on the soccer field for my stamina and speed. When I was in middle school, my parents decided to put that stamina and speed to the test. They entered  me in my first track meet, a Hershey Track & Field qualifier meet. 

I competed in the 1600m for the 13-14 age division. I was selected to compete at the  Hershey North American Track and Field Finals in Hershey, Pa. I won the meet in a time  of 5:12. It was through that first meet that we learned of more track opportunities (such as AAU) and I was able to compete in the AAU 1500m and win the national title that same year. 

Sarah Bowman, 2004 adidas High School Outdoor, 
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RBR, # 2. What was your high school experience in sports like?

Sarah Brown: High school was a huge learning experience for me when it comes to my running career. It was the first time I ever attended practices geared just towards running. It was the time when I learned what a pair of spikes was and what an interval was. I gained A TON of information from my freshman to my senior year. I didn't come from a running family, so it was something my parents and I learned together as the years went by.

Sarah Bowman, 2005 Penn Relays, 
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RBR, # 3. What were your best marks in high school?

Sarah Brown: Mile: 4:36, 800: 2:04

Sarah Bowman, 2008 U.S. Olympic Trials, 
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RBR, # 4. If you could do anything over in college experience, what would that be?

Sarah Brown: I would "do over" the NCAA 1500m final my senior year. I didn't leave my "heart" on the line and competed poorly. I hate to leave a race and feel that I didn't give it my all.

Sarah Bowman, 2010 New Balance Games, 
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RBR, # 5. What were differences between high school and college track for you?

Sarah Brown: The competition at the collegiate level is so strong. You have to always be on your "A" game. 

Sarah Bowman, 2010 adidas NYC DL, 
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RBR, # 6. What were your biggest experiences in college track?

Sarah Brown: Winning the NCAA Indoor mile and Breaking World and/or National records with my teammates in multiple relays. I had an amazing group of girls to train and compete with in college. The way we knew we could all count on each other both on and off the track, made for great college experiences for me. I still feel blessed to have been part of such a powerhouse team and have friendships that will last 

Sarah Bowman, 2010 USA Outdoors, 
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RBR, # 7. How did you go pro?

Sarah Brown: When I graduated from college, I signed with a great agent (Kim Holland) who was able to get me into a bigger race in Europe. I ran a PR of 4:05 in that race. That spiked the interest of some shoe companies and I feel blessed to have been signed by New Balance and to continue that running relationship to this day.

Sarah Bowman, 2010 Lausanne DL, photo by

RBR, # 8. What is the biggest differences between pro and elite amateur?

Sarah Brown: I feel very fortunate to have the support of a company like New Balance and an agent like Kim behind me. It takes a lot of the everyday stresses off of me and allows me to focus on getting things done on the track.

Sarah Bowman Brown, 2012 U.S. Olympic Trials, 
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RBR, # 9. What are your goals for 2013?

Sarah Brown: My main goal is focused on making the world team.  However, to accomplish that I need to focus on staying healthy and doing the small things right. I would like to aim for some PR's in both the 800m and 1500m this year.

Sarah Brown, 2013 New Balance Games, 
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RBR, # 10. If you had a high school track team in front of you, what main point would you want to get across about our sport?

Sarah Brown: That in our sport there will be days when you succeed and days when you fail but the people who are ultimately successful are the ones who can learn how to maintain a level head through the good and the bad.

  Sarah Brown, 2013 New Balance Games, 
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RBR, # 11. What do you train in, and what do you race in?

Sarah Brown: For everyday runs my go to shoe is the 1080v3, 
for track intervals I use the 1600 flat. For tempos and longer efforts I use the 890v3 and the 1400 flat.

 Sarah Brown, 2013 NB Games, 
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RBR, # 12. What does a typical day of build up training look like?

Sarah Brown: The fall consists of higher mileage with threshold efforts mixed in (i.e. tempos, progression runs, and steady states). Some days I will add a second shorter easy run followed by strides, drills, core work and/or weights. This year, I've also added hill workouts to my fall routine.

Sarah Brown, 2013 NB Games, 
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RBR, # 13. What does a typical day of training look like during season?

Sarah Brown: My in-season training consists usually of an easy morning 
run followed by track intervals in the PM.

Nicole Sifuentes, Sarah Brown, 2013 NB Games, 
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RBR, # 14. Your favorite track athlete, past or present?

Sarah Brown: After the recent slew of letdowns by athletes who have been found guilty of doping, I choose to focus my efforts on being the best
athlete that I can be so I can hopefully be a positive role model in the 

Nicole Sifuentes, Sarah Brown, 2013 NB Games, 
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RBR, # 15. If you were not doing your event, what other event in track and field would you do?

Sarah Brown:I wouldn't run track, I would be a ballerina...although I did place in the state high jump during high school so I wouldn't mind attempting that again...

Sarah Brown, 2013 NB Indoor Grand Prix, 
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RBR, # 16. What is your favorite event to compete at?

Sarah Brown: I really enjoyed the track and atmosphere at the New Balance Boston Indoor Games this year. However, as long as I am running a 1500m against some great competition, I am a happy athlete.

Nicole Sifeuntes, Sarah Brown, dueling in the mile, 2013 NB Games, 
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RBR, # 17. Do you have an inspirational quote?

Sarah Brown: "To ever achieve greatly, one must dare to fail greatly"

Special thanks to Sarah Brown for her answers to our 17 questions. Thanks also to John Evans and Josh Rowe for providing RBR access to many in the New Balance Track Club. 

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