Saucony RBR Summer Mileage Program, Week Five, Day Five, from

To be ready for cross country in the fall, you need strength, some speed, lots of endurance and
some focus. Give us 90 minutes tops a day, and you have 22 and one half hours to good off, uhm, I mean work or play computer games. 

Summer training is a great time to prepare for the coming year. Take a nap if you have time. And, dear readers, if you are in college, consider 30 minute easy runs in morning on Monday, 
Wednesday and Friday. 

Saucony Kilkenny XC, photo courtesy of Saucony running
Friday: Warm up, 45-50 minute run, then, six times 150 meters stride outs, then a nice cooldown. 

If you want to put a bit more into the run, try Holmer fartlek: Go out for 25 minutes at conversational pace, and come back in 20 minutes, increasing the pace every five
minutes on the way back. Keep it fun. Catch your breath, then do the stride outs
at 800m-1,500m pace. 

Cooldown, and go see a movie! 

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