Donavan Brazier to battle all Doha 800m medalists in Monaco Herculis on 14 August!


Donavan Brazier spoke with runblogrun in July 2020 on the upcoming season, training and hoping, just hoping to have a season in Europe, in 2020, where he could "validate" himself.

In a non exclusive zoom event this morning, Donavan Brazier joined a dozen media members, to speak about Monaco. Special thanks to Sandra Nels Kurman on organizing the presser on 12 August 2020.

IMG_1753.jpgDonavan Brazier, photo by Mike Deering / The Shoe Addicts

Donavan Brazier met with media via Zoom this morning, August 12, 2020.

Donavan was in Monaco, doing his final preparations on his 800m at the Monaco DL.

He seems confident off his 3:35.85 on July 3, 2020, a PB (old one was 3:37.18). "Actually, the 1,500m was more exciting," noted Donavan on this morning's call.

" I would normally would be happy with a 1:43!" noted Donavan when answering my question on his response to the 1:43.84 on 3 August 2020. Brazier noted that he was not racing sharp at the 800m, but thought he was ready now, prior to Monaco.


Donavan Brazier's reaction on ho hum 2nd best time ever at 600m indoors, photo by Mike Deering / The Shoe Addicts

The assembled field in the men's 800m is exciting, it includes all 3 Doha 2019 WC medalists. "Most of them have not had a seasonal best." This could be exciting.

Amel Tuka, the 2019 WC silver medalist, (Bosnia/Herzgovina), who ran 1:43.47 in Doha, will be there.

Ferguson Rotich, the 2019 WC bronze medalist (Kenya), who ran 1:43.82 in Doha, will also be there.

Donavan Braziers' 1:42.34 in Doha means little to his competitors. And that sounds exciting to Brazier.

When another journalist noted that Coach Pete Julian had noted that Donavan Brazier is "in better shape" than in 2019.

Donavan Brazier noted that he looks to racing to validate his level of fitness. He was not happy with the 1:43.84.

There was much interest by media in how Donavan Brazier got into Monaco. He noted that he had been taking Covid 19 tests, at least twice a week.

He had one in 48 hours ago, and one 24 hours ago, both getting negative tests. Sounds like he gets Covid 19 tests at least weekly.

Donavan Brazier noted that he was less than happy to stick the swab up his nostrils. But, that was example by Donavan on how the testing and Covid 19 protocals were

being held high in Monaco and around the Continental Tour.

Donavan Brazier runs about 35-40 miles a week and his longest run is 6-8 miles at this time. He compares well to 1976 Olympic bronze medalist at 800m Rick Wolhuter, who doubled at 800m/1,500m in Montreal (3rd in 800m, 6th in 1,500m).

When asked about the European season, Donavan said " I have 3 events planned, but I would (laughing) like to stay over a while longer." Brazier is looking at Monaco (800m), Stockholm and Budapest (Gyulai Meeting). One event may be a 600m.

My take on Donavan Brazier?

He's in awesome shape, and his confidence, post Doha, is also present.

Donavan Brazier looks to be in mid 1:42 shape. Let's see what the 2019 WC gold medalist can do.

His coach, Pete Julian told Donavan to use 2020 to build to the big events in the future.

Donavan Brazier seems to thrive on racing. Pete Julian is attempting to teach Donavan Brazier how to improve his racing skills to add Olympic and more global medals. Time will tell....

To see the complete runblogrun inteview (July 2020), please go to:

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