ATF Training Log, presented by ASICS America-digital version!

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This past summer, we worked with our friends at ASICS America to develop a training log for cross country,, the ASICS Cross Country training log was inserted into all seven Shooting Star Media, Inc. publications. That totalled over 350,000 training logs being given out for Fall 2007. For anyone who missed it, we have attached it at the top of this column, again, here are a few points on how to use it!

The digital version of the ASICS ATF Cross Country training log will allow you to print out a version and distribute to your teams, friends, club mates. It will also allow you visit some very cool interactive areas at the ASICS America site.

The benefits of a trianing log are that the runner keeps track of workouts, and can learn from the past training to improve results in the future. While there are many ways to attain goals, the keys are consistency of workout, focus on goals, callousing for racing preparation, solid sleep and nutrition. To be a good distance runner, the requiremens are takes time and patience--there is no easy road. Anytime one challenges himself or herself, there is the chance of injuries, so be careful. Remember to plan time to recover from hard workouts. A good rule of thumb is no more than three hard sessions per week.

Cross country, for many, is an end in itself. Rushing up hills, getting muddy, and feeling your lungs burn until you hit that last crasy sprint through the finish line chute is something you have in common with about 350-400,000 runners around the U.S. each fall!


For more information on cross country, please check out American Track & Field magazine's website

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Hi Mr. Eder,
I am just entering my first year of coaching varsity cross-country. Though I have coached track, I have little knowledge of distance training. Since I got the position late, I began by sending my team members the first six weeks of your twelve-week plan (with some minor modifications) that I got from the american track and field site. I went back to get weeks 7-9 and they are gone. do you by chance have them archived somewhere where I cannot find them? I would like to use that program until I start working with them in August.... Feel free to e-mail me your response. Thanks a million!


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