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Sundays in our training are days for long runs. By the late fall, you will be running 70-90 minutes on Sundays, at a pace where you can hold a conversation. Long runs are all about building your endurance. As the late Arthur Lydiard hypothesized, long runs help build your capillary beds, meaning that you become a much more efficient mortal engine. It is important that the pace on Sundays stay at the conversation pace, as that does not over task you. As you get fitter, that 8 minute pace becomes 7 minute pace and faster.

Dream about how good your team will be this year.

IMG_1602.jpgCe'Aira Brown just ran a 1000m in 2:35 in Rabat, Morroco on Friday, as first American in race! photo by Mike Deering/The Shoe Addicts

Sunday, July 15, 2018-warm up, 50 minutes-55 minutes, cooldown

1614faa5-114f-42f6-9aaa-1fc2adc0684a.jpgEdward Zakayo takes the lead, with Stanley Waithaka (silver) and Henrik Ingebrigtsen (bronze) in a fast finishing 5000 meters! photo by Getty Images for the IAAF

Day five had some excitingly fast races. Justin Lagat focuses on the Men's 5000 meters in this feature on Day 5. Here's Justin Lagat's View from Kenya on Day 5 of the 2018 IAAF U20 World Championships.

Sophie Hitchon 1.jpgSophie Hitchon, photo by Getty Images, for British Athletics

In this article, his third of the day, Stuart Weir writes about three British women who performed well on Day one. Watch for our coverage of day two, coming up in a few hours. Stuart wrote about Holly Bradshaw, Lorraine Ugen, and Sophie HItchon.

In his second of three articles for the Day One of the Athletics World Cup, Stuart Weir writes about the women's 100 meters, women's 400 meters and women's 4x400 meter relays.

Holly by Paul.jpgHolly Bradshaw celebrates her victory in the pole vault, photo by Paul Bradshaw

On a weekend with a plethora of sporting events, including a Diamond League Meeting, the IAAF U20 World Champs, Wimbledon and the World Cup, the London Athletics World Cup put a crowd in the London Olympic Stadium that filled up half the stadium. Here's Stuart Weir's column, his first of three on Day one.

Chespol_CelliphineQ-Tampere18.jpgCelliphine Chespol, photo by PhotoRun.net

Celliphine Chespol won the steeplechase on Day 4, showing the talent and focus many fans and observers have come to see in Chespol over the past few years. Here's Justin Lagat's feature on the Day 4 events of the 2018 U20 IAAF World Championships.

csm_Rabat_2018_Press_Conference_5760x3840_JPD_c602b2b953.jpgThomas Roehler, Genzebe Dibaba, Sam Kendricks, Renaud Lavillenie, Christian Coleman, Abdelatti Iguider, Soufiane El Baakali, Conseslus Kipruto, Hellen Obiri, Shaunae Miller-Uibo, Mariya Lasitskene, photo by Jean Paul Durand for the IAAF.

I always watch the IAAF Pressers for the Diamond League. While many of the questions are pretty normal, there are some good observations and athletes sometimes get on a roll. This group was fun and lively. Special thanks to our friends at IAAF Diamond League Media Group.

Saturday will be race day shortly, but for these early weeks, we suggest a bike, walk, swim or run. Keep it varied and have some fun.

Hoka One One 1.jpg

HOKA ONE ONE, to learn more about the brand, please go to www.hokaoneone.com.

Saturday, July 14, 2018-30 minute walk, 30 minute swim, 30 minute bike ride, just move for 30 minutes

Kambundji 10.95 NR
ZOFINGEN (SUI, Jul 13): Top highlight of the first day of Swiss Championships was the 100 m national record of Mujinga Kambundji. She clocked for first time sub 11 with 10.95 (+1.1). She is not only 2nd best in European lists 2018 but also 23rd ever European under 11 seconds. Second Sarah Atcho 11.21 (PB 11.20 +1.4 in semifinals) and third Salome Kora 11.25 PB. In men´s 100 m final Alex Wilson won in 10.14 (+1.1) ahead of Silvan Wicki 10.17 PB and Florian Clivaz 10.36 PB. Heptathlete Geraldine Ruckstuhl won javelin with 51.85. Lea Sprunger got already in heats of 400 m hurdles good 55.76.

A recent article by the respected journalist Jeré Longman appeared in the New York Times. Titled, Did Flawed Data Lead Track Astray on Testosterone in Women?, this feature focuses questions on the whole protocal surrounding the IAAF's defense of their new rules on elevated testosterone levels in some women athletes.

Semenya_CasterFV-Oslo18.jpgCaster Semenya, photo by PhotoRun.net

The sad story of this whole process dates back nearly two decades, as the Global Federation has dealt with some of these issues for some time, but most of it was in rumors and hushed tones. Then, the abhorrent treatment of a young South African, Caster Semenya, who recieved boos as she took her medal in the Berlin 2009 World Championships. Seemed that, while many knew parts of the story, Semenya, a fine athlete, had no clue why she was being booed. Like the lack of appreciation on doping in sports, it seems that the global sports had underestimated the challenges of elevated testosterone levels in some women athletes.

This upcoming decision on elevated testosterone levels in some women athletes may be based on research that was not sufficiently peer reviewed. The arrogance displayed in this lack of fact checking may have destroyed the last chance for the IAAF to control what some believe is a key challenge for the sport in the future. RunBlogRun finds this troubling.

The New York Times story clearly suggests that the research from which the IAAF based its updated standards is chock full of errors. Mr. Longman notes that a review of the IAAF research shows 220 errors in the research.

If CAS merely reads the The New York Times story, they will be, perhaps, as befuddled as myself as to why the IAAF did not fact check the research and why, with so much riding on the CAS review, the IAAF seems to not have given the defense of their new rules on elevated testosterone in some women athletes the respect it deserves.

Caster Semenya, as is her right, decided to fight the IAAF rules. Caster has showed class and thoughtfulness in the process. I have been impressed to watch her composure over the past nine years.

We applaud the IAAF and Caster Semenya for agreeing to respect the decision from CAS. We will have to wait to see the decision from CAS.

Kendricks_Sam1a-PreC18.jpgSam Kendricks win pole vault in Rabat DL, photo by PhotoRun.net

Kigen_BenjaminFH-Pre18.JPGBenjamin Kigen wins steeplechase in Rabat DL, photo by PhotoRun.et

Miller_Shaunae1c-Pre18.JPGShaunae Miller-Uibo, 200 meter in Rabat DL, photo by PhotoRun.net

Here's an event by event update on the excellent Rabat Diamond League meeting today! Some exciting races and great battles at the Meeting International Mohammed VI D'Athletisme de Rabat. The Rabat meeting replaced the NYC DL which ended its reign in the media capital of the world in 2015. It featured some big races and big rivalries.

Shaunae Miller-Uibo is one of the most versatile of sprinters from 100 meters to 400 meters. On Friday, July 13, Shaunae Miller-Uibo ran 22.29 a MR at the Rabat Diamond League Meeting. She had already run 22.06 for the 200 meters in Shanghai DL on May 12. On May 26, she dominated the finest 400 meter field of the season (so far), running 49.52 for the 400 meters. She came back on July 2 at the Gyulai Memorial and ran 49.55 for the 400 meters. Besides her 200 meters and 400 meters races, she has high jumped 1.70 meters and thrown the shot put 11.48 meters (June 22, 2018, Nassau, Bahamas).

Miller_Shaunae1b-Pre18.jpgShaunae Miller-Uibo winning 400m at Pre Classic, photo by PhotoRun.net

We asked Lance Brauman, the head coach of Pure Athletics Club, to answer twelve questions about this fine athlete.

Das_HimaQ-Tampere18.jpgHima Das, 400m gold medalist, India's first, photo by PhotoRun.net

775187835BH175_IAAF_World_U.JPGGeorge Managoi, Henrik Ingebrigtsen, Justus Soget, 1500m final, photo by Getty Images/IAAF

Justin Lagat wrote this piece about the third day of the IAAF U20 World Championships. The amazing 1,500m, the history making girls 400 meters and the fast girls 800 meters were his focus for day 3.

The body needs time to recover. After a hard day, in this time of the season, we provide an easy day. We see Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday as hard days right now. That will change later in the season. So, enjoy the relaxed run today.

Alexander_ColbyFHL-Martinez18.jpgColby Alexander, Martinez Classic, photo by Kevin Morris

Friday, Friday, July 13, 2018 -warm up, easy 40-45 minutes, cooldown

65db6ce8-8e4e-468f-97a1-21f7712fb586.jpgGeorge Manangoi wins gold, Henrik Ingebrigtsen silver and Justus Soget takes the bronze in the 1,500 meters! photo by Getty Images/IAAF

The day three schedule had some wonderful races, but as Cathal Dennehy captures here, the men's 1,500 meters was one of the big ones! An amazing field, and some serious running over the last 700 meters required a last lap in the 52 range to medal!

Two more medals for Team USA with the silver at 100 meters by Twanisha Terry (11.19) and Taylor Manson taking a silver in the 400 meters (52.28).

The second day in Tampere produced three medals for the US, two in the boy's 100 meters and one in the girls javelin! Here's the update from USATF's Josh Gurnick from Tampere.

996367000.jpgEric Harrison (bronze) , Lalu Zohri (gold), Anthony Schwartz (silver), Men's 100 meters, photo by Getty Images for IAAF

Really happy for Dana Baker, who MADE HISTORY today, being first male or female from USA, to medal in Javelin in U20! Here's how she replied to the media:

Dana Baker, women's javelin bronze medalist on being first Team USATF U20 Javelin medalist: "It's amazing! Hopefully I'm the first of many. It's a great feeling, kind of surreal. It hasn't really set in yet."

Hands up if you're still not over this 🙌🙌🙌

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Gold for Indonesia in boys 100 m
TAMPERE (FIN, Jul 11): There were upsets across the board on the second day of the World U20 Championships in Tampere. Indonesia's Lalu Muhammaed Zohri won his country's first ever medal in championship history in 10.18 ahead of the American duo of Anthony Schwartz (10.22) and Eric Harrison (10.22) and Japan's Nozomi Tanaka front ran to the 3000m title in 8:54.01 from Ethiopians Meselu Berhe (8:56.39) and Tsige Gebreselama (8:59.20). Heptathlete Alina Shukh won the javelin title with 55.95m from Japan's Took Kuwazoe (55.66m) although they did add to their title haul with gold in the long jump with Yuki Hashioka winning with 8.03m from Cuba's Maikel Y. Vidal (7.99m) and Jamaica's Wayne Pinnock (7.90m). In the decathlon, Australia's Ashley Moloney eclipsed Niklas Kaul's championship record with 8190 points, winning from teammate Gary Haasbroek (7798) and Switzerland's Simon Ehammer (7642). New Zealand's Madison-Lee Wesche won a tight shot put final with her sixth round throw of 17.09m from China's Zhang Linru and the Netherlands' Jorinde van Klinken who both went out to 17.05m. Notable shocks on the second day included world U20 leader Christos Frantzeskakis fouling out in the hammer qualifying and reigning world U20 champion Sammy Watson not making it through the 800m semifinals.

The decathlon brotherhood❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

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The first day got off to a strong start for Team USA with the silver medal in the shot put from Adam Piperi, who came back from a scary start, to take the silver medal. Here are a couple of his deep thoughts:

On keeping it together after a rough start in the final:

"I just had to stay calm today and I managed to do that which I'm proud of myself for. This sport is very mental and I just kept telling myself I got this, I can do this, I can throw farther and I did."

On breaking the American U20 record:

"It feels great. I didn't know I had that, so it makes me feel a little better about taking a loss but I did my best today and I can't complain about how I did because I come through and did what I needed to do. He [Kyle Blignaut] competed today, I competed today. We made this thing very exciting."

996367000.jpgEric Harrison (bronze) , Lalu Zohri (gold), Anthony Schwartz (silver), Men's 100 meters, photo by Getty Images for IAAF

We are catching up on our coverage of the U20 IAAF World Championships. Held in Tampere, Finland, we will provide you, our readers with some insights into the meet so far, and with the amazing audio, video and content from the IAAF team in Finland as well as the fine USATF team covering the US athletes. This event looks like a big hit in terms of performances and that is what is key.

Sarah Hirshland.jpgSarah Hirshland, photo courtesy of USOC

The decision on the next USOC CEO should be studied. The USOC was amazingly transparent in the press release, noting that the present time requires leadership that can respond quickly and provide athletes, coaches, Olympic fans the confidence that they needed in the USOC. The Olympics is THE sporting event, definitely still for Summer and increasingly for Winter. The challenges for the USOC is how to reach the new fans, and how to use social media to inspire Americans about Olympic stars.

The challenges? The questions on how safe young athletes are with coaches is complicated? Each sport has programs in place to confirm the qualifications of their coaches, some do it better than others. The leadership of the USOC is dealing with the predator coaches in gymnastics, and they are tyring to show a program that gives parents, athletes, fans confidence in federations.

LA 2028. The next hosting of an Olympics in the United States. That Sarah Hirshland has worked with Casey Wasserman, champion of the LA 2028, is a great benefit. The LA Olympics will be key in the future of the USOC and the Olympic movement. In 1984, Peter Ueberoth, CEO of LA 1984, saved the Olympic movement from financial ruin. LA 2028 will come after the Paris 2024 Olympics, which should be three strong Olympics (Tokyo, Paris and London).

Another challenge? Much of the financial support of Olympics comes from television deals. NBC is obvious player. But, how does NBC serve new viewers and changing viewing standards? How does revenue come from streaming video? How does NBC embrace twitter, Instagram, Facebook? How does the USOC calm the fears of programming management as numbers go down for terrestrial TV and increase for all other modes of viewing?

Sarah Hirshland will be faced with many of those challenges and much more. We wish her much luck in the new position and wish for her continued success.

captains 2.JPG

Five of the team captains, photo from British Athletics/Getty Images

Gong Lijiao of China, Anna Jagaciak-Michalska of Poland; Ninon Guillon-Romarin of France, Queen Harrison of the USA, Lorraine Ugen of Great Britain

The inagural Athletics Cup will be held in the London Olympic Stadium on August 14-15. Stuart Weir is there to cover the meeting, hosted by British Athletics and featuring teams from eight of the finest athletic nations in the world. Alas, it is a very busy weekend in our sport, and many of the key draws will be racing in Rabat DL on Friday, and the teams will feature a combination of veteran and new generation stars.

The RNR Las Vegas Marathon and Half Marathon has been one of the most popular of the RNR events. Established in 1998, RNR series, now under ownership of Wanda Group and Ironman, is announcing some innovations this year. It is important to evolve events and approaches to bring in new runners. We look forward to seeing how the new approach is recieved on November 11, 2018.


Hills are part of this program. Some runner use hill repeats all year long! Hills help you build strength, speed and endurance. On varied courses, like many cross country courses, hills help callous you for training all summer. Hills can be short, long and tortuous. The famous Ron Clarke, one of the finest distance runners in all of history, had a Sunday run, over a varied 17-22 mile course where the hills were outstanding. My college coach had a run for us where we enjoyed the slight downhill until the turn around, and then, "the grind" began. Hills challenge us and make us stronger. This workout is modest, so take it that way.

Brown_CeAiraFH-Martinez18.jpgCeAira Brown, 800 meters, Martinez Classic, photo by Kevin Morris

Thursday, July 11, 2018-warm up, 20 minutes steady, 6 times 200 meter hill, jog down, 20 minutes steady, cooldown

Here's Bob Ramsak's event report for the IAAF on the amazing 10,000m run by Rhonex Kipruto on day one. KIpruto continued a fine tradition of Kenyan victories over 10,000 meter, the ninth for Kenya. Rhonex Kipruto had surprised many with his win in UAE Healthy Kidney in April 2018 in 27:08. This young runner is someone to truly watch.

Kipruto_RhonexFH -Kidney18.JPGRhonex Kipruto won UAE Healthy Kidney 10k in 27:08 in April in Central Park, photo by PhotoRun.net

This program is the first of many. Watch how other races do such programs. The marathon and half marathon in major races makes so much sense for virtual races. It shows the poplularity of the marathon distance.


Here's Justin Lagat's column on day 1 for the 2018 IAAF World Championships and the two wins by Kenyan athletes. Justin Lagat provides us a view from Kenya on RunBlogRun.

Today is Wednesday, July 11. It is day 3 of week 3 of the HOKA ONE ONE Summer training program. Follow our program and we will have you fit and looking forward to racing in late September. Just like the fartlek and hill days, easy days are very important. Follow the workouts and we will help get you fit.

IMG_1628.jpgCe'Aira Brown, 800 meters, photo by Mike Deering/TheShoeAddicts

Wednesday, July 11, 2018-warm up-easy 40-45 minutes, cooldown

Fartlek is Swedish for speed play. Along the trails in Sweden, runners like Gunder Haag and Arne Anderson chased the world records for the 1,500m to 3000m in the war years. The idea of running hard, then recovering is not new, but the level of fitness and the flexibility that fartlek gave the runners is what amazined many. Now, most distance runners use one or another type of fartlek in their workouts. We like the variability of Fartlek and the high level of fitness that you can get with these types of workouts.

Bruce_StephanieFL-Peachtree18.JPGStephanie Bruce, winner of AJC Peachtree Road Race, the USA 10k champs, photo by PhotoRun.net

Tuesday, July 9, 2018-warm up, Moderate fartlek, 50 minutes, 5 x five minutes hard, five minutes easy, cooldown

We are entering week three of our Summer Training program. This program provides strength workouts, hill workouts, and a long run each week. Follow the workouts, and remember that the easy days are here for a reason. If you must, junior and senior athletes, the stronger ones, may consider Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning runs of 30 minutes.

IMG_1625.jpgCe'Aira Brown, 800 meters, photo by Mike Deering/The Shoe Addicts

Monday, July 9, 2018-warm up, easy 40-45 minutes, cooldown

LaVillenie_Renaud-PreC18.jpgRenaud Lavillenie, photo by PhotoRun.net

ALBI (FRA, Jul 8): Pole vault world record-holder and 2012 Olympic champion Renaud Lavillenie was among the winners on the final day of the French Championships. He cleared 5.80m at the first attempt, while Axel Chappelle was second on 5.50m. World 800m champion Pierre Ambroise-Bosse took the French title, placing second behind Sammy Kirongo of Kenya (1:46.21 to 1:46.66). Kirongo was also second in the 1500m in 3:44.69 behind Alexis Miellet (3:43.77). Olympic fourth-placer Pascal Martinot-Lagarde won the 110m hurdles in a windy 13.33 from Darien Garfield (13.35). Floria Guei set a season's best of 51.52 to win the 400m. Carolle Zahi completed the sprint double with a windy 22.92 in the 200 after a legal 23.14 in the semi-final. Jeanine Assani-Issouf, with a 14.43m PB, won the triple jump and went to third on the 2018 European list. Good hammer wins came from Quentin Bigot (74.23m) and Alexandra Tavernier (73.72m). Former world bronze medallist Mahiedine Mekhissi-Benabbad clocked 8:33.59 to win the steeplechase as 2014 European champion Yoann Kowal was only fourth in 8:35.71. Second was Djilali Bedrani (8:35.27) and third Hicham Sigeuni (8:35.62). Ludvy Vaillant won the 400m hurdles in 49.04, while Kafetien Gomis took the long jump with 8.13. Men's sprints titles went to Meba Mickael-Zeze (200m in 20.33w) and Christopher Naliali (400m in 46.23). Shot put winners were Frederic Dagee (20.01m) and Jessica Cerival (16.70m). Other winners were Elodie Normand (1500m: 4:16.20), Aurielle Chaboudez (400m hurdles: 56.52), Lolasonn Djouhan (discus: 59.84m) and Kenyan Matthew Sawe (high jump: 2.22m).

RunBlogRun opines: The French Championships is one of my favorite meets. I have attended it twice. Nice to see so much support for the meet and how some of the French stars are coming into shape.

South American discus record
SAO PAULO (BRA, Jul 8): National Training Centre at Braganca Paulista hosted the Brazilian leg of IAAF World Challenge in 2018. Women highlight was South American discus record by Brazilian Andressa de Morais 65.10. In the men´s 400 m Bralon Taplin from Grenada clocked fast 44.67 ahead of Deon Lendore from Trinidad 45.54. In the 100 m Paulo Andre won in 10.14 (+0.6) over guest from Antigua Cejhay Greene 10.16. But possibly the best result of the day was the shot put PB 21.63 by US Curt Jensen who beat Brazilian star Darlan Romani 21.48. Another home top name Thiago Braz was only third in pole vault (540) won by US Cole Walsh 560. Steeple for Kenyan Bicholas Bett 8:27.03, triple for US Chris Carter 17.02 (+1.1), Apostol Parellis from Cyprus won discus 62.94 and Olympic winner Dilshod Nazarov hammer 75.18 (part of IAAF Hammer Challenge). Another home win for Marcio Telles at 400 m hurdles 49.22. In women 100 m also Brazilian first place when Vitoria Rosa clocked 11.14 (0.0) over World indoor champion Barbara Pierre 11.18. Cuban wins in triple by Liadagmis Povea 14.30 (-0.5) and shot Yaniuvis Lopez 18.58. Birtukan Adamu from Ethiopia was the best in steeple 9:59.97 and Levern Spencer from St. Lucia in high jump with 192.

1284550_G08_W01.jpgMaria Vincente wins TJ, setting two PBs during competition! photo by Getty Images for European Athletics

Second gold for Vicente
GYOR (HUN, Jul 8): On the final day of the European U18 Championships, heptathlon winner Maria Vicente won her second gold medal of the championships with an excellent 13.95 (1.1) in the final round of the triple jump to defeat Bulgaria's Aleksandra Nacheva who took the lead with 13.88 with the penultimate jump. Vicente's mark was also in excess of the qualifying standard for the European Championships in Berlin. Ukraine's Yaroslava Mahuchikh, 16, cleared a championship record of 1.94m in the high jump and Norway's Pal Haugen Lillefosse also a championship record of 5.46m in the pole vault before three attempts at 5.55m which would have equalled Emmanouil Karalis' world U18 best. On the track, Sarah Healy completed the 1500/3000m double with gold in the 1500m in a 4:18.71 championship record and Max Burgin took a gun-to-tape win in the 800m in a PB and championships record of 1:47.36. Norway's Martine Hjornevik clocked 13.26 to win the 100m hurdles (76.2cm) and Germany's Nick Schmahl won the long jump with a wind-aided 7.60m. In medals Britain won with 6-2-1 ahead of Italy 4-4-1 and Germany 4-2-1 with 29 countries winning at least one medal.

Stefanidi_Ekaterini-Brussels17.jpgEkaterina Stefanidi, photo by PhotoRun.net

Our sport has a great history. The Heritage Department, managed by the IAAF's Chris Turner, is off and running, jumping and throwing. Celebrating the long and colorful history of our sport, this release is about how Ekaterinae Stefanidi has donated some of her global champ kit to the Heritage Department. You can see the newest presentation around the Ostrava Continental Cup! We will be checking it out, and we hope that you can as well!

1284516_G08_W01.jpgMyhaylo Kokhan scores World U18 all time hammer throw, photo by Getty Images for European Athletics
Kokhan 87.82 World U18 all-time mark
GYOR (HUN, Jul 7): Myhaylo Kokhan from Ukraine surpassed the world U18 hammer best (5kg) on the third day of the European U18 Championships with 87.82m, improving Bence Halazs' mark of 87.16m from 2014. All five of Kokhan's valid throws would have won the competition and were in excess of his championship record of 82.42m set in qualifying. Fellow world U18 champion Barbora Malikova from Czech Republic won the 400m title in a championship record of 52.66 from Germany's Marie Scheppen (52.82) and Italy's Lorenzo Benati won the 400m title from Great Britain's Ethan Brown, 46.85 to 46.87. There were four gold medals for Great Britain, including Sam Bennett winning the 110m hurdles (91cm) title in a world U18 leading 13.19 from Kenny Fletcher in 13.49, Dominic Ogbechie clearing 2.16m in the high jump and Keely Hodgkinson winning the 800m title from Ireland's Sophie O'Sullivan, daughter of Sonia, 2:04.84 to 2:06.05. Ireland's Rhasidat Adeleke won the 200m title in 23.52, Germany's Leni Wildgrube cleared a championship record of 4.26m in the pole vault and Poland's Marek Mucha won the javelin (700g) with a championship record of 80.01m. Bulgaria's Alessandra Nacheva set a championship record of 13.32m in triple jump qualifying and Maria Vicente also qualified for the final with 13.15.
RunBlogRun opines: The coverage of the European Athletics U18, has been fantastic. EA streaming video announcer, Phil Minshull described the WR throw by Kokhan as "massively outrageous"! Enough said.

The jumps in Athletissima were perfection on both the 4th and 5th of July. Both pole vaults, Long Jump, Triple jump, high jump captivated a segment of the audience and were superb television. Stuart Weir writes his fourth piece on Lausanne, and we are grateful for his observations on such an important and vibrant athletic meeting.

Taylor_Christian1-Pre18.jpgChristian Taylor, photo by PhotoRun.net

I was reading a fine piece by our friend at LetsRun.com, Robert Johnson. Robert was writing about a podcast edited and produced by Kyle Merber and Alexi Papas titled Bookclubtracklub.com. I love the idea ( and love that they are discussing Antoine de Saint-Exupery's The Little Prince). Antoine de Saint-Exupery was a quite colorful character, flying mail flights prior to the opening of WW2. Antoine de Saint-Exupery, fighting for the Free French forces, disappeared over the Meditteranean sea in July 1944, and presumed to have died.The Little Prince has been published in 300 plus languages. It is more than a children's book, reminding me of C.S. Lewis' seven book set, The Chronicles of Narnia.

AO-Winter2013_FC-thumb-500x669-8492.jpgMary Cain on Winter 2013 cover of Athletes Only

Before I write on Mary Cain, one more suggestion to Kyle and Alexi. They might like Stories of God, by Ranier Marie Rilke, seven stories for children to understand the meaning of God. Written in 1899, over seven nights, Rilke was most profound and, when, as a junior in high school, I read this book, I began my life long fascination with Rilke.

So, back from that digression.

Mary Cain is a fine athlete. In 2014, Mary went professional (after her appearance at the 2013 World Championships). Mary Cain was a fun young teenager, and she had serious running skills. Alberto Salazar, the co-founder and coach of the Nike Oregon Distance Project, was quite impressed by the young athlete and began to advise her.

Mary Cain became one of those athletes who choose to go professional as a high schooler, a very small percentage of athletes who go from the 1.4 million high school boys and girls in track & cross country, skip the 130,000 young men and women in college track and cross country (including community college), and go professional, among the estimated several thousand athletes making from a few thousand to several million for their athletic prowess.

Abderrahman Samba has suprised and enthalled track fans this summer, with his amazing series of 400 meter hurdle races. A 46.98 was the fastest, run on June 30 in Meeting de Paris, Samba had accomplished only the second time a human had gone under 47 seconds for the 400 meter hurdles, the most sinister of track races.

Samba_Abderrahman-Stockholm18.jpgAbderrahman Samba, 400 meter hurdler extraordinaire, photo by PhotoRun.net

Consider this. Most sports scientist believe that a well trained human can run to lactate collapse in about 35 seconds, perhaps 40 seconds. That is about the 300 meters in a flat 400 meter race. Add ten hurdles to the one lapper, and athletes swear that the heights of the hurdles get higher and higher as one gets into the race.

The battles of Samba and Warholm, and now McMaster, has captivated the thoughts of many sports fans. Norway's Warholm, the World Champion, Qatar's Samba and Jamaica's McMaster, give countries around the world something to cheer for. The fastest time in the world, ever is the iconic run of Kevin Young, as he ran for gold medal in 1992 Barcelona, Young went crazy, and ran 46.78 on 6 August 1992, destroying the 47.02 WR of one Edwin Moses.

Here's a fine piece by Stuart Weir on one of the revelations of 2018.

Sunday is long run day all summer. So, at 45-50 minutes today, enjoy the run, find some trails and have a blast. Talk during the time, find a few hills, make sure that there is good footing and enjoy. And warm up and cooldown.

Hoka One One 10.jpgHOKA ONE ONE, to lear more about this fine brand, go to www.hokaoneone.com.

Sunday, July 8, 2018-warm up, 45 minutes-50 minutes, cooldown

Kambundji_MujingaQ-WORLDi18.jpgMujinga Kambundji, 60m World indoor bronze medalist, photo by PhotoRun.net

LAUSANNE (SUI): After running a Swiss record of 11.03 in Lausanne, Mujinga Kambundji is looking to break the 11 second-barrier in the 100m. "I don't think it was my best one from an execution standpoint. I felt I was fighting a bit too much with myself, not being relaxed enough. So I know I can do better. And I know that from what I do in my training sessions. Sub-11 is definitely on the radar," she said. She will race in Luzern, Swiss Championships, Bellinzona and Monaco ahead of the European Championships.

RunBlogRun opines: Mujinga Kambundji has developed over the past several years. I have been fortunate to watch her race since 2013. Switzerland is veyr proud of its athletes. Setting records in front of a home crowd is even more important in a country such as Switzerland where they do not have the plethora of athletes that we see in the U.S. Mujinga is quite capable of going under 11 seconds. In all honesty, Mujinga looks quite impressive at 200 meters as well. This year has been a difficult one for Mujinga, as she changed coaching situations and dealt with coaching herself for a bit. The desire to succeed is there and she is supported by her countrymen and countrywomen. After the 11.03 NR, Mujinga joined her national relay team to run a swift 42.29 NR in the 4x100m.

NNTeamJan18_404.jpgRunning in the dark, photo from NN Running team

NNTeamJan18_409.jpgRunning with the team, photo from NN Running team

This is part of a series of articles by Steve Landells for the NN Running team, that we have published this year. The NN Running team, managed by Global Athletics Communications, represents some of the finest athletes in the world. Here's the recent running related dreams of several of the key players on the running team.

Shubenkov_SergeyPort1-Monaco17.jpgSergey Shubenkov, photo by PhotoRun.net

LAUSANNE (SUI): Sergey Shubenkov has described the European record of 12.91 held by Colin Jackson as a realistic target. "2016 was a tough year when we did not have much opportunity to compete but now competing with the best guys on the circuit is helping me improve my level. The European record is a realistic target, let's see when I achieve that. I am looking forward to the European Championships and being a part of Team Europe in the Continental Cup," he said. Next he is scheduled for Herculis Monaco DL and that means he will miss Russian Nationals.

Here's the race from Lausanne:

This is European Athletics Report 21 for 2017-2018 season. The report, on the performances in 51 countries of European Athletics Association, is compiled and edited by our friend from Catalonia, Carles Baronet. Carles has researched, compiled and edited these reports since 2012 for RunBlogRun. We thank him for his service and love of the sport.

Warholm-Samba-Stockholm18.jpgKarston Warholm and Abderrahman Samba, 400m hurdles, photo by PhotoRun.net

Coleman_ChristianPC-Pre18.JPGChristian Coleman, photo by PhotoRun.net

IMG_7475.jpgMike Rodgers, photo by Mike Deering/The Shoe Addicts

IMG_2195.jpgNoah Lyles, Ronnie Baker, 100m, June 22, 2018, photo by Mike Deering/The Shoe Addicts

Lyles-Baker-Coleman-Rodgers in the 100 m
RABAT (MAR): Organisers of the Meeting International Mohammed VI D'Athletisme de Rabat will offer top sprint clashes on July 13. The three fastest men of the year so far will take on the fastest man in history over 60m when Noah Lyles, Ronnie Baker, Mike Rodgers and Christian Coleman (returning to action after injury) take to the 100m startline at the Complexe Sportif Prince Moulay Abdellah. Ivory Coast's Arthur Cisse, who clocked a national record of 9.94 last month, and British champion Reece Prescod, winner of the 100m at the IAAF Diamond League meeting in Shanghai, are also in the field. The women's 200m in Rabat will have Olympic 400m champion Shaunae Miller-Uibo who is undefeated this year. Her rivals will be Marie Josee Ta Lou, Shericka Jackson, Dina Asher-Smith and Jenna Prandini.

Coach Matt Centrowitz, Former American University Star Jeff Brannigan, Runblogrun's Jeff Benjamin
Olympic Champion Matthew Centrowitz. Note- After much Pleading, Matthew gave the OK for Jeff Benjamin to wear the 2016 Rio Gold Medal, but only for a few minutes😀!! "Hey--it was the only chance I'd ever get," said Benjamin!
Pic Courtesy of Wayne Baker

This is a quick series of five questions with Coach/Father/ former AR 5000m, Matt Centrowitz. Matt is coaching a summer camp next month. We suggest teams attending a camp each summer, a great way to bring the team together.

1284482_G08_W01.jpgMaria Vicente, European U18 heptathlon champion, photo by Getty Images for European Athletics

Vicente U18 all-time best
GYOR (HUN, Jul 6): On the second day of the European U18 Championships, Spain's Maria Vicente eclipsed Alina Shukh's world U18 heptathlon best of 6186 points with 6221 points to win the title. Vicente started her day with a championship record of 6.37m in the long jump before improving her javelin PB from 36.03m to 43.28m and then an outdoor PB of 2:23.29 in the 800m. Vicente won by a huge margin from Latvia's Kristine Blazevica (5629) and Austria's Chiara-Belinda Schuler (5615). Vicente's teammate Yasiel Brayan Sotero set a championship record of 64.31m to win the discus and Ireland's Sarah Healy, who also qualified for the 1500m heats this morning, won the 3000m final in a championship record of 9:18.05. In the women's 100m, all three medallists were separated by 0.006 with Iceland's Gudbjorg Jona Bjarnadottir given the verdict in 11.75 from France's Pamera Losange and Hungary's Boglarka Takacs who were given a dead heat for silver also in 11.75. Raphael Bouju from the Netherlands won the men's 100m from Hungary's Dominik Illovszky, 10.64 to 10.70, with Norway's Pal Haugen Lillefosse taking bronze in 10.72. In the 10,000m race walk, Davide Finocchietti (45:01.33) and Aldo Andrei (45:03.50) took a one-two for Italy and other highlights included Belarus' Aliaksei Aleksandrovich winning the shot put title with 20.97m and Ukraine's Valeriya Ivanenko winning the girls hammer with 73.25m. Other winners include Turkey´s Batuhan Cakir in boys triple 15.62 (+0.8) and Tilde Johansson in girls long jump for Sweden 633 (+4.5).

The first six meetings in the 2018 Diamond League were excellent examples of how the Diamond League should be: great fields, strong rivalries, and strong audiences.

As the season took off into the second half, Meeting de Paris was fantastic and the competitions just built into an excellent meeting in Lausanne's Pontaise Stadium!

Where do we begin?

Fantastic hurdles races, from Sergey Shubenkov in the 110m hurdles (12.95) and then, Abderrahman Samba runs 47.42 for the 400m hurdles, after having run 46.98 in Paris!

A strange finish to the 5000 meters, where Yomif Kechelcha falls, then, pulls on the shorts of Selemon Barega. The men's side finished with a flying 200 meters by Noah Lyles and a great pole vault by Renaud Lavillenie, who cleared 5.91 meters.

On the women's side, a tough 100 meters, where Marie Jose Ta Lou came from behind and took the 100 meters from Murielle Ahoure, as Elaine Thompson, Jennifer Prandini, Dafne Schippers, Mujinga Kambundji went by Ahoure. Kambundji set a Swiss record, her first of the day (11.03 NR), as the Swiss relay team would end the day with a fine 42.29 for the 4x100m.

Over 400 meters, Salwa Eid Naser continued a big 400 meter win again, with a fine 49.78. Francine Nyonsamba and Ajee' Wilson battled to the finish over the 800 meters, 1:57.80 to Wilson's 1:58.20. The highest quality event of the night, on the women's side, was the 1,500 meters, as Shelby Houlihan lead five women under 4 minutes with her 3:57.34, and eight women under 4:02!

Shamier Little won her first DL 400 meter hurdle race in a 53.41. In the pole vault, Ekaterina Stefanidi won her first PV in some time, with a nice 4.82m clearance over a huge field. In the long jump, Malaika Mihambo and Ivana Spanovic leaped 6.90 meters, with MIhambo getting the win due to her longest second jump!

Bruce_StephanieFH-Peachtree18.JPGStephanie Bruce wins AJC Peachtree, July 4, 2018, photo by PhotoRun.net

On Saturdays, early in the season, we suggest either a relaxed 30 minute run, a bike ride, walk or a swim. Enjoy your workout today.

Guliyev_RamilFV-Oslo18.jpgRamil Guliyev, 200 meters, Oslo Bislett, June 7, 2018, photo by PhotoRun.net

This is report number 20 on European Athletics, from Carles Baronet. Our friend from Catalonia has updated, compiled and edited result reports for RunBlogRun since 2012. We thank him for his support and love of athletics.

This is the most current report on the US results, courtesy of our friend, Carles Baronet, who compiles, edits and publishes these reports for RunBlogRun!

DSC04626.jpgThe 5000 meters is off! June 24, 2018, photo by Mike Deering/The Shoe Addicts

Carles Baronet loves the sport and lives in the area of Catalonia in Spain. We thank him for his support.

This is Friday, July 6, week two, day five in your 2018 HOKA ONE ONE Summer Mileage Program. We provide daily workout suggestions. If you are a junior or senior, you might consider (ask your coach), a 30-40 minute run on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings, at an easy pace.

Bruce_StephanieFL1-Peachtree18.JPGHOKA ONE ONE's Stephanie Bruce finally won the 2018 AJC Peachtree 10k! photo by PhotoRun.net

Friday, July 6, 2018-warm up, easy 35-40 minutes, cooldown

Lyles_Noah1a-Pre18.JPGNoah Lyles starts to fly, 200 meters, May 26, 2018, 200 meters, Nike Pre Classic, photo by PhotoRun.net

Why do we enjoy the 200 meters so much?

The 200 meters is half of the traditional 400 meters, a normal lap on a rather normal track. When I asked Coach Lance Brauman about the differences between 100 meter and 200 meter sprinters, the reknowned coach gave me a look only someone who has spent time with Coach Brauman could understand. Lance responded, " No, they are just sprinters." A sprint coach such as Lance Brauman's job is to simplify the complex and help athletes with bad habits correct them. He is constantly observing.

Watch the 200 meters from Lausanne. Savor it. It was a superb bit of racing and the real birth of an exciting rivalry, between Noah Lyles and Micheal Norman.

In a recent interview with Coach Brauman on Noah Lyles, we learned that Noah Lyles impressed Coach Brauman with his ability to handle the rounds at the 2016 Olympic Trials.

After the 100 meters in Des Moines, in June 2018, I spoke to Coach Brauman about how Noah Lyles brought himself back into the race, as Ronnie Baker was putting on the pressure around 60 meters. "We teach our athletes how to execute and not panic, but that is a skill Noah Lyles has had for some time." Noah Lyles had a less than spectacular start in the USATF final, and did not panic, bringing himself back into the 100 meters. Ronnie Baker was into his race plan, and executing it quite well. As Baker neared 60 meters, a kean observer would have given the race to Ronnie Baker. Again, at 60 meters, Noah Lyles ran himself back into the race, did not panic and focused on the task at hand: to catch Ronnie Baker and reach the finish before Baker. Around 90 meters, the pressure on both intensified, as Lyles took over the race, running a PB of 9.88. Ronnie Baker did not give up, running a PB of 9.90 (at Paris, Baker ran a PB of 9.88, as the sprint wars continue).

Lyles_NoahQ1-USAout18.jpGNoah Lyles, June 21, 2018, USATF Outdoors, photo by PhotoRun.net

The Athletissima meet is one of the highlights of the European summer season. Lausanne, Switzerland is the home of the Olympic movement. The Pontaise Stadium is full each year, as the Swiss crowd wants to see their athletes battle against the best in the world and set a few national records.

They were satiated this evening as Muginga Kambundji set a NR at 100 meters (11.03) plus took part in the NR 4x100m of 42.29!

The Men's 200 meters and women's 1,500 meters were to of the best competitions of the evening!

Here are the highlights:

Little_ShamierQ-USAout18.jpGShamier Little, June 23, 2018, USA Outdoors, photo by PhotoRun.net

What has gotten into Shamier Little? Since the U.S. Championships, Shamier Little is racing with confidence and focus that we have not seem in some time. Her racing in 2018 is more focused, and more confident. In Lausanne, she scored a seasonal Best and a big win! This is not criticism at all, this is happiness that the 400m hurdle star is back and focused.

Her win in Lausanne required the most focus of the 2018 season, as Janieve Russell came oh so close, but Shamier Little held her off!

It is all about the progression and consistency. Shamier Little has moved through the season, running 55.23 for fifth in the Prefontaine Classic on May 26.

Then, on the 7 June, Shamier Little rolled into action, hurdling well and gutting out a 53.94 for second place in the Oslo Bislett Games. After that race, Shamier said:

"To walk away with a season's best, I felt like I did a good job and I executed well. My finish was not as good as it usally is but my stride pattern was off. I'm still glad I ran well and now I hope to get into more IAAF Diamond League races.

My aim for the summer is just to keep performing well on the IAAF Diamond League stage to get more points and to hopefully with the final.

Dilalah (Muhammad) is a veteran with lots of medals and times so has been great to run with her, and next I will race in Lausanne."

Ahoure-TaLouFL-Pre18.jpgMurielle Ahoure, Marie-Jose Ta Lou, Cote'D'Ivoire Rocks! photo by PhotoRun.net

TaLou_MarieQ-WorInd18.jpgMarie-José Ta Lou, photo by PhotoRun.net

Marie-José Ta Lou is the Cote'D'Ivorian pocket rocket. An excellent starter, Marie-Jose is now battling with her competition to the very end of the 100 meters. Perhaps, the additional strength from her 200 meter racing is helping her in the 100 meters. Truth is, this women is one of the most dangerous sprinters in the world. When RunBlogRun interviewed her in Birmingham during the World Indoors, we saw a women with true confidence. That confidence has exploded in her racing. And Lausanne, as Stuart Weir tells us, is another example of her fine racing ability.

Stuart Weir covered this meet for RunBlogRun, and covered it he did. Providing pictures during the meet for our readers to see a bit more from the sidelines, and this, the first of two stories this evening. This was a mighty 1,500 meters. Seventh place was 4:01!

IMG_4179.jpgShelby Houlihan, June 23, USATF 1,500m, photo by Mike Deering/The Shoe Addicts

Up front. Laura Muir made a masterful move with 150 meters. In any other race, the double European and world indoor medalist woud have won. Tonight, however, an on form Shelby Houlihan, who had felt poorly prior to the race, was right there. Shelby had talked herself into staying the mighty pack, and moved perfectly when she needed to, taking a masterful win, in a huge PB of 3:57.34. Remember, kind readers, that the American record is 3:56.29 (2015, Shannon Rowbury, who just had a lovely baby girl with her hubby Pablo this past week).

Of Shelby Houlihan, Stuart Weir says that she has changed the landscape.

Nothing more needs to be said.

20180704_182106.jpgGetting airborne, Street Vault, July 4, 2018, photo by Stuart Weir, Lausanne, Switzerland

The street vault is nothing new. In North America, the likes of Bob Fraley, that wonderfully cantankerous and creative coach from Central California, brought in sponsors and the finest vaulters for events in the 1990s, and it has grown from there. I recall a shot put outdoors in Hengelo around 2011-12 that was fantastic! Part of it was the shot putters, who really liked the idea, and the citizens of Hengelo, sitting in beer gardens nearby and right at the shot put ring, truly enjoyed the event. Stockholm did a street shot put a few years ago, and that was fantastic. Goteborg, Sweden hosted the shot put for the European Indoors in a shopping center. It was awesome!

Stuart Weir covered the Athletissima Meeting for RunBlogRun. He took the video below of the fans and the feel of the event. Over the last few years, I have been fortunate to go to the Great City Games in NewCastle/Gateshead/England, Manchester/England, Goteborg/Sweden, and Boston, Massachuesetts. There should be an outdoor event in every city that there is a Diamond League meeting. The adidas Boston event is one of the more creative with an old style meet and a street meet as well. I love the feel in NewCastle and Manchester, and hope to attend them in 2019. But just, for a moment, watch the video below, pretend that you are there, smell the Summer air, inhale the excitement of the children as these big guys fly over the great heights of the pole vault. If this does not get you excited about our sport, well, check your pulse.

Video of Lausanne, Switzerland Street Vault for Athletissima DL Meeting, by Stuart Weir

LaVillenie_RenaudH-Pre18.jpgRenaud Lavillenie, photo by PhotoRun.net
Lavillenie 591 and tries at 6 m
LAUSANNE (SUI, Jul 4): Special men pole vault on the lakeside was won by Renaud Lavillenie with nice 591 clearance. He had three attempts at World leading six meters, first one was very promising. Poland´s 2011 World champion Pawel Wojciechowski showed lot of courage when he after clearing 584 in third attempt and one failure at 591 tried for two times 597. Sam Kendricks and Kurtis Marschall tied for third with 577 and Armand Duplantis with Piotr Lisek tied for fifth with 570. Seventh Shawn Barber went over 560.
RunBlogRun opines: The street vault continues to bring fans in around the world. The field in Lausanne was exceptional, and the fans got a real treat.

The I run Clean program is from European Athletics. It is one of the highlights of innovations proposed by European Athletics under President Sven Arnie Hansen. The eduction program not only makes sense, but pushes the narrative of the need for clean sport. We at RunBlogRun applaud the program. It is a good first step. It is also important to lead by example.


Photo by Getty Images for European Athletics

All 1063 registered athletes competing at the European Athletics U18 Championships, including Hungarian prospects Virag Simon and Hanna Repassy, have completed the mandatory I Run Clean anti-doping education programme.

The Lausanne Atheltissima meet is the 8th on the Diamond League schedule for 2018. Abderrahman Samba just ran 46.98 for the 400 meter hurdles, the second fastest time ever and in the 200 meters, Noah Lyles, Mike Norman, Rai Benjamin, Ramil Guyilev highlight the furlong. Those are just a few of the exciting moments in today's fine meeting. Do not miss it!

Samba_AbderrahamanR-Oslo18.jpgAbderahman Samba, 400 meter hurdles star, how fast can he go? photo by PhotoRun.net

The hill workouts are beginning. We like hill repeats. It is a great way to build both strength and speed. Make sure you warm up and cooldown. Find a good hill and get to work!

IMG_5223.jpgGetting ready for your workout, photo by Mike Deering/The Shoe Addicts

Thursday, July 5, 2018-warm up, 15 minutes steady, 4 times 200 meter hill, jog down, 20 minutes steady, cooldown

Bruce_StephanieFH-Peachtree18.JPGStephanie Bruce wins her first US title, USA-10k at AJC Peachtree, photo by PhotoRun.net

Lagat_BernardFH-Peachtree18.JPGBernard Lagat wins his first road title, USA 10-K at AJC Peachtree Road Race, photo by PhotoRun.net

Stephanie Bruce and Bernard Lagat won the USA 10-K titles today, 4 July, as hosted by AJC Peachtree Road Race. For Stephanie Bruce, it was her first US title and she ran a PB. For Bernard Lagat, who has won titles on the track too numerous for me to count here. David Monti, a great friend of the sports, and his wife Jane, cover our sport's distance races, on the track and on the road. We are grateful for their coverage and use their articles with permission.

Today is the 4th of July. In the U.S., this is our Independence Day. If you want to run a race, in a relaxed manner, with friends and enjoy the act of participation, then, fine. Now is not the time to race seriously, as your body needs a break from racing.

IMG_1602.jpgCe'Aira Brown, 800m/1500m, photo by Mike Deering/TheShoeAddicts

If you can't control yourself, then watch the AJC Peachtree Road Race on NBC Sports today!

Wednesday, July 4, 2018-warm up-easy 35-40 minutes, cooldown

WomanStart-Peachtree17.jpgAJC Peachtree Road Race, Women's elite start, 2017, photo by PhotoRun.net

Korir_LeonardFH1-Peachtree17.jpgLeonard Korir, photo by PhotoRun.net

Atlanta Track Club, the second largest running club in US, with 21,000 members, has declared Atlanta as Running City USA. Those could be in disput with a few other cities around the US. But, as Atlanta gets closer to hosting the 2020 U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials, and as they are hours away from hosting 60,000 of their closest friends in the AJC Peachtree Road Race, the iconic 4th of July road race. Here's a video from the Atlanta Track Club on why their fine city is Running City USA!

Kendricks_Sam1b-PreC18.jpgSam Kendricks, photo by PhotoRun.net
Pole vault on the lakeside
LAUSANNE (SUI): Pole Vault fiesta will be already on Wednesday in Lausanne as top jumpers will compete on the shores of Lake Geneve at Ouchy. In special city event Renaud Lavillenie will fight with World leader Sam Kendricks and World U20 record holder Armand Duplantis. In the field of 8 not missing also Olympic winner Thiago Braz and 2015 World champion Shawn Barber. Polish duo Piotr Lisek and Pawel Wojciechowski is also jumping along with Commonwealth Games winner Kurtis Marschall.

Reposted July 3, 2018

On the 4th of July 2018, there will be a street vault in Lausanne, Switzerland. These three vaulters will be there, with a fine field to celebrate the vault. Here's a piece on these fine athletes and how the men's pole vault has reinvented itself.

Reposted May 24, 2018

I liked this story so much in 2017, I am reposting for the Pre Classic in May 2018. The mens' pole vault is one of the most popular event in our sport. The athletes are accessible, the event is sport and entertainment and the fans love it! Both the men's and women's PV are doing well in 2018. This piece gives you an idea on why the men's PV will continue to excite fans, both old and new! I wrote this piece while I was in Lausanne in July 2018.

Updated July 20, 2017

Originally posted July 8, 2017.

Watch these three! Add in Pawel Wajciechowski, and Piotr Lisek, and you have the men's pole vault traveling show. The pole vault has been very exciting this year, as Sam Kendricks soars over six meters, Mondo Duplantis clears 5.90 meters and the only man who has clears 6.16 meters, Renaud Lavillenie, builds himself back up, from injuries last fall. These guys are providing an entertaining show!

Kendricks-Duplantis-LaVillenie-Lausanne17.jpgSam Kendricks, Mondo Duplantis and Renaud Lavillenie held a great Lausanne presser, photo by PhotoRun.net

If terrestrial TV was smart, and really pandering for ratings, they would adopt the men's pole vault. Right now, we have some tremendous athletes, from all over the world. I focus on the three above as an example of how athletes in an event take control of their own futures. Renaud Lavillenie is the world record holder, London gold medalist and European champion. Mondo Duplantis is the new, young, talented vaulter on the scene, who is coming into the elite world with some control, and Sam Kendricks, the American champion, is current Olympic silver medalist, newly minted six meter jumper and currently, very hot on the Diamond League circuit.

Here's is why they are getting it on promoting their event.

Mutaz Essa Barshim continues to show why he is the top high jumper in the world. His clearance at the 8th Gyulai memorial on July 2 of 2.40 meters enthralled the fans. His attempts at 2.46 meters kept it going and his last attempt, Mutaz incurred an achilles injury, and per his agent, Daniel Wessfeldt, will take a couple weeks to recover.

IMG_6581.jpgMutaz Essa Barshim, photo by Mike Deering/The Shoe Addicts

Barshim's amazing jumping has impressed. His 2.40 meter clearance was exceptional and his first attempt at 2.46 meters was quite impressive. We hope he recovers from his achilles injury quickly.

Barshim won the gold medal at the London World Championships. Here's a press conference from 2017 Paris DL with Mutaz Essa Barshim where he speaks about his desire to get the 2.46 meters!

Here's the high jump series from the Gyulai Memorial (July 2, 2018)

Sergey Shubenkov has had the world lead this season. Shubenkov is one of the finest 110 meter hurdlers of his generation. His timing is excellent and his hurdling is pretty impressive to watch. That is why his false start in Paris was so strange. Shubenkov does not false start often. The TV feed showed Sergey Shubenkov watching the race, from the side of the track; it looked to me like hurdlers' hell.

Shubenkov_SergeyFH-Brussels17.jpgAries Merritt, Sergey Shubenkov, Devon Allen, Monaco DL 2017, photo by PhotoRun.net

Shubenkov found track late in his teenage life. At the ripe old age of sixteen, Sergey Shubenkov found hurdling. His mother, Natalya Shubenkova, was 4th in the 1988 Olympics in the heptathlon.

At the World Championships, Sergey has taken all three colors of medals: bronze in 2013 Moscow, gold in 2015 Beijing, and silver in 2017 London. His 2012 London Olympic debut was an experience, and his 2016 Rio did not happen, due to the banning of Russia from Olympic competition.

In 2017, I thought that Sergey handled the numerous questions as a London World Championships silver medalist in the 110m hurdles about how he felt on not really representing Russia. I like Sergey; he's no BS, let me hurdle. And when he does well, the smile shows it all: pleasure with the win and enjoying the accolades.

At the 8th Gyulai Memorial, Shubenkov had a great start, and just hurdled, clearing all ten hurdles, one fine series of movements after another. The race was nearly flawless as he dominated the field. It reminded me of the experience that Aries Merritt had in 2012: a DQ the meet before he set the WR. Shubenkov is in near perfect condition. Can he run faster? Yes! Can he get the WR? I am not sure, but it will be fun to watch! Congrats to Sergey Shubenkov on his 12.92 NR/WL!

The video of the fine race is right below, just below!

The Gyulai Memorial, in it's eight edition, had some amazing moments! Bob Ramsak captured the meet for the IAAF. Here's his commentary on the fine meet.

Shubenkov_SergeyPort1e-Monaco17.jpgSergey Shubenkov, photo by PhotoRun.net

The AJC Atlanta Peachtree Road Race is the largest 10k in the known world, and features 60,000 people running and walking through the streets of humid Atlanta on July 4, 2018. This video features Gwen Jorgensen, 2016 Olympic Triathlon Champion, who has focused on making the US Olympic Team for Tokyo 2020.

IMG_7930.jpgGwen Jorgensen, 10,000 meters, June 21, 2018, photo by Mike Deering/The Shoe Addicts

The AJC Peachtree Road Race is managed and produced by the Atlanta Track Club. The 21,000 member Atlanta Track Club produces a fine race series of races in the capital of the South. The Peachtree Road Race is on our country's Independance Day, and is a celebration in every sense of the word. It is also the US road championships for 10k. ATC's CEO Rich Kenah has seen to lead by example. His club invites a fine cross section of American distance runners for the US championships.

I really like the Gwen Jorgensen video series. This writer is fascinated with her move from the multi-events to the world of elite marathoning. Her first two 10,000 meters on the track, with a half marathon and some serious mileage for good measure, have been overseen by Coach Jerry Schumacher of the Bowerman Track Club. Coach Schumacher has a method to the madness, and Gwen, Lopez Lomong and Chris Derrick, all members of the Bowerman TC, will be racing tomorrow in Atlanta, Georgia.

Barshim close to 2.46 meters!
SZEKESFEHERVAR (HUN, Jul 2): What a competition, the 8th Gyulai Memorial - Hungarian Grand Prix (EA Classic) in Szekesfehervar with 3 new and 1 equaled World lead and 8 meet records. Mutaz Essa Barshim nicely cleared in third attempt 240 and equaled his World lead. After that his first attempt at World record 246 was very close, the other two not that close. In last one he twisted his foot. Behind him 3 jumpers went over 232 Danil Lysenko, Australian Brandon Starc equaled PB and Donald Thomas. Sergey Shubenkov after Paris dq showed top energy and clocked 12.92 (+0.6) World lead and National record. He was just 0.01 behin Colin Jackson´s European record. Second place the most popular local athlete Balazs Baji with 13.27 with World and Olympic winner Omar McLeod crashing some hurdlers as 6th 13.45. At the beginning of the programme World leading 81.85 PB by Wojciech Nowicki in hammer over his rival Pawel Fajdek also great 81.14 and third Bence Halasz 78.57. And at the end also a World lead by Genzebe Dibaba over the mile in 4:24.29 beating Sofia Ennaoui 4:28.37. Another great display of shape of Olympic winner Shaunae Miller-Uibo who just missed her own World lead by 0.01 with 49.53 meet record in the 400 m and clearly beat the rivals, World champion Phyllis Francis 50.95 and co-World leader Shakima Wimbley also 50.95. Christian Taylor made the capacity crowd happy with last attempt 17.64 in triple, another MR. Fast steeple by Benjamin Kigen 8:10.48 MR well ahead of Nicholas Bett 8:18.56. In the two middle distances favorites prevailed. Ferguson Rotich coming from Paris win with fast finish beat Nijel Amos in the 800 m (1:44.08 to 1:44.18) and Ayanleh Souleiman topped the 1000 m in 2:16.08 over other Kenyans from 800 m Nicholas Kipkoech 2:16.17 PB and Jonathan Kitilit 2:16.27. Mike Rodgers in 10.12 (+1.4) beat other two sub 10 sprinters in the 100 m, Arthur Cisse 10.17 and Akani Simbine 10.21. Luguelin Santos dominated the 400 m in 44.89, the same for Janieve Russell in 400 m hurdles 54.16 and Yasmani Copello on the men side 48.93. Women hurdles saw Sharika Nelvis winning in 12.55 (+0.7) over Kendra Harrison 12.58 and Christine Manning 12.65 as Brianna McNeal collided with hurdles and walked into the finish in 15.20. Marie Jose Ta Lou needed to fight against Michelle-Lee Ahye in the 100 m (11.12 to 11.14, +1.5). In remaining technical events Fedrick Dacres beat Andrius Gudzius in discus (67.24 to 66.33) and US women wins for Shakeela Saunders 677 in long jump and Raven Saunders 18.79 in shot put.
Here's the video on his 2.40 meter success!

Today is July 3, 2018. It is day two, week two of the HOKA ONE ONE Postal Nationals Summer training program. We will help you build up over July and August for cross country. We will then help you build to a strong October and November of racing and then, be ready for the big races.

IMG_1625.jpgCe'Aira Brown, 800 meters semi finals, June 22, 2018photo by Mike Deering, for The Shoe Addicts

Tuesday, July 3, 2018-warm up, light fartlek, 50 minutes, 10 minutes steady, 15 x 1 minute hard, 1 minute easy, 10 minutes steady, cooldown

IMG_2245.jpgNoah Lyles, 100 meters, June 22, 2018, photo by Mike Deering for The Shoe Addicts

IMG_2614.jpgMike Norman, 200 meters, photo by Mike Deering for The Shoe Addicts

LAUSANNE (SUI): The American speedsters should dominate men´s 200 m at Athletissima IAAF Diamond League next Thursday. Heading the field is co World leader Noah Lyles with fresh from first sub 20 in Paris Michael Norman. In the field also Isiah Young, Jereem Richards, Alonso Edward and Swiss record holder Alex Wilson.

RunBlogRun opines: The 200 meters in Lausanne will be spectacular.

jeff-benjamin-story-image1.jpgJeff Benjamin with Caster Semanaya

Originally posted on August 18, 2016

Reposted on July 2, 2018

We repost this because, while we understand that there are high emotions on both sides of the questions regarding the upcoming CAS decision, pitting Caster Semenya on one side and the IAAF on the other, we ask that, as both parties agreed, respect for the differing of opinions be honored.

Caster Semenya will be the likely winner of the 800 meters. A fine athlete, she is caught in a controversy that could be easily fixed, but, due to much politics is not. In the end, several wonderful human beings will be thrown into public and social media because of their chromosomal makeup.

Caster met with our man in the seats, Jeff Benjamin and he wrote this short peice, asking for respect and kindess to be shown to Caster.

We ask for the same.

Ugen 705 WL, Hudson-Smith 44.68 EL
BIRMINGHAM (GBR, Jul 1): Lorraine Ugen set a world lead and championship record of 7.05m to win an excellent quality long jump on the second day of the British Championships. Ugen went out to 7.05m (1.2) in the second round to beat reigning European silver medallist Jazmin Saywers who jumped a PB of 6.86m (0.2) in the sixth round after 6.72m in the third round and a windy 6.78m in the fifth round. Shara Proctor was third with a wind-aided 6.81m for third (also 6.75m into a 1.1 m/s headwind) with Jahisha Thomas improving to 6.69m in fourth. Beth Dobbin continued her breakthrough season with victory in the 200m in 22.59 against a 1.3 m/s headwind to break her Scottish record (22.75 set in the heats) and the championship record in a competitive final ahead of Bianca Williams (22.60), Jodie Williams (22.78) and Shannon Hylton (22.78). The programme climaxed with an exciting 200m final with Nethaneel Mitchell-Blake also setting a championship record of 20.24 to beat former European champion Adam Gemili (20.26) and Leon Reid (20.31). Matthew Hudson-Smith won the 400m title in a European-leading 44.68 from Rabah Yousif (45.39) and veteran Anyika Onuora held off Laviai Nielsen in the women's 400m final, 51.95 to 51.99. World indoor champion Andy Pozzi clocked 13.61 into a strong headwind of 2.5 m/s, former world and European champion Dai Greene beat Jack Green in the men's 400m hurdles final, 50.06 and 50.13, and Meghan Beesley won the women's 400m hurdles title in 55.73 with reigning champion Eilidh Doyle injured and not competing. Laura Muir ran laps of 62.7/58.5 to win the 800m title in 2:01.22 from world indoor bronze medallist Shelayna Oskan-Clarke's 2:01.94 and Elliott Giles won a tactical 800m in 1:50.28 from Dan Rowden (1:50.37) Guy Learmonth (1:50.43) and Andrew Osagie (1:50.44). Laura Weightman beat European U20 champion Jemma Reekie in the 1500m, 4:08.80 to 4:09.10, with Sarah McDonald third in 4:09.28 and Chris O'Hare used his finish to win the men's 1500m title in a tactical 3:46.72. Elsewhere on the track, Tom Bosworth won the 5000m walk in 19:01.20 from world U20 champion Callum Wilkinson (19:17.41), Steph Twell won the 5000m in 16:07.24 from Melissa Courtney (16:07.59) and Rosie Clarke clocked a solo 9:45.84 in the 3000m steeplechase. On the field, Olympic bronze medallist Sophie Hitchon improved her championship record to 72.02m, decathlete Tim Duckworth cleared 8.00m to win the long jump title from Dan Bramble 7.99m (-1.4) and Feron Sayers 7.98m, Chris Baker and David Smith both cleared 2.26m in the high jump and Charlie Myers cleared 5.55m in the pole vault.

This was the last day of the USATF Oudoors. I was crestfallen. After four days of perusing the 55 item salad bar at Ruby Tuesdays, I had grown rather fond of Urbandale, Iowa. We had a parking spot in close proximity of Drake Stadium, and we found a Starbucks drive thru, and we were off to the Stadium.

DSC04625.jpgThe start of the 5,000 meters, photo by Mike Deering for The Shoe Addicts

Then, the rain came...and it rained, it poured, it thundered and we hid underneath the desks in the media room. Once the weather gods stopped being Scandinavian, the meet came back to life, and we were satiated once more by our sport of athletics.

DSC04879.jpgA day at the races, photo by Mike Deering for The Shoe Addicts

The Shoe addicts caught it all. My deep thoughts, my feigning of emotions, my near breakdown in speaking about Evan Jager, or my worshipping Shelby Houlihan, or my bidding of adieu to Des Moines.

Oh, so long day four.

Swiss records at 200 m and 400 m
LA CHAUX DE FONDS (SUI, Jul 1): Two Swiss sprint records highlighted the Resisprint meet at favorable altitude. Lea Sprunger went to win the 400 m in national record and European lead 50.52. Behind her Lisanne De Witte Dutch record 50.96 and Agne Serksniene Lithuanian record 50.99. Alex Wilson clocked in the 200 m 20.25 NR (-1.8) after beeing disqualified in the 100 m for a false start. In second race South African Emile Erasmus 20.48 (-0.7) over Dutch Taymir Burnet 20.52 PB. Erasmus won the 100 m in 10.02 (-0.3) but clocked faster 10.01 PB (+0.2) in heats. But was not the fastest as Chinese Xie Zhenye clocked 9.98 in the same heat but was second in 10.06 in the finals. In women 100 m superb improvement by Chinese Wei Yongli 10.99 (+1.2) in heats, she also won the finals in 11.07 (+0.5) ahead of Ajla Del Ponte 11.24 (but 11.21 +1.2 PB in heats). Also personal best for Sarah Atcho when winning the 200 m in 22.80 (+0.4). South African record for Rikenette Steenkamp 12.81 (-0.6, also windy 12.70 +2.2 in heats) in the 100 m hurdles ahead of Eefje Boons 12.91. Men hurdles winner Eduardo Rodrigues from Brazil 13.54 (-0.8, 13.49 +1.3 in heats) over Dutch Koen Smet 13.56. Dutch record holder Liemarvin Bonevacia was fast in the 400 m with 45.03, in the 400 m hurdles Marcio Telles from Brazil 49.09 and German Luke Campbell huge PB 49.14. Women 400 m hurdles had Norway´s Line Kloster clocking big PB 55.49. Cuban World U18 all-time best holder Yordan Diaz won triple with 17.14 (-0.8), his best result in Europe.

IMG_4180.jpgShelby Houlihan, 1,500 meters, she owned this one, photo by Mike Deering, for The Shoe Addicts

This is day three of Conversations with Larry. So, the whole theme behind the show is: Larry is allowed three minutes to chat. Which means, he has to focus, which as his son, Adam and the videographer Mike knows, is IMPOSSIBLE. However, to mess up the fllm crew, sometimes Larry actually keeps track of time and space.

IMG_5259.jpgChristina Manning, Keni Harrison, Sharika Nelvis, 100m hurdles, photo by Mike Deering, for The Shoe Addicts

In this third episode from Des Moines, Iowa, your host speaks oh so thoughtfully about Keni Harrison and her 100 meter victory, Shebly Houlihan and her goddess like kick over the last 400 meters and Matt Centrowitz winning the 1,500 meters. I believe I said something nice about Darrell Hil, who upset Ryan Crouser in the shot put.

IMG_4862.jpgMatthew Centrowitz, 1,500m champion, photo by Mike Deering for The Shoe Addicts

Sitting in the stands in Des Moines, it was humid and my hair was not perfect. With no stylelist, I had to, well improvise. Next time, I will do my best impression of someone with good hair. But for now, thank you for watching our videos and reading our content.

IMG_3099.jpgKeni Harrison, 100m hurdles, photo by Mike Deering for The Shoe Addicts

Cheruiyot_TimothyFH-Pre18.JPGTimothy Cheruiyot continues to win, here's his win at Pre Classic, photo by PhotoRun.net

Here's Justin Lagat's View from Kenya for this week. This week is focused on the great performances from Paris by Kenyan and African athletes! He focuses on Timothy Cheruiyot, Beatrice Chepkoech, Ferguson Rotich, and Caster Semenya!

IMG_2194.jpgNoah Lyles and Ronnie Baker, June 22, 2018, 100 meter final, photo by Mike Deering for The Shoe Addicts

The second day of the 2018 USATF Outdoor Championships, on 22 June, featured the 100 meters. Both races were fantastic. The 100 meters for women was won by Aleia Hobbs, the first women collegian to win since 1991 and Carlette Guidry. Hobbs ran a fine final, winning in 10.91, putting Ashley Henderson in second, in 10.96, and Jennifer Prandini in third in 10.98.

IMG_2396.jpgAshley Henderson, Aleia Hobbs, Jennifer Prandini, photo by Mike Deering for The Shoe Addicts

In the men's 100 meters, Noah Lyles and Ronnie Baker battled to the finish, both scoring Personal Bests! Noah Lyles won his first 100m title, in 9.88, a world leader. Ronnie Baker ran a 9.90, PB. Until 60 meters, Baker was putting great pressure on the field and looked to be the winner. Lyles kept his cool, focused and put himself back into the race.

Both 100 meter races were worthy of the US Championships. Here's our second Conversation with Larry on the USATF Outdoor Championships. Special thanks to the Shoe Addicts.

Samba_AbderrahamanR-Oslo18.jpgAbderahman Samba runs 46.98 for 400m hurdles! photo by PhotoRun.net

Semenya_CasterFV-Oslo18.jpgCaster Semenya wins 800m in 1:54.25, photo by PhotoRun.net

The Meeting de Paris was fantastic, living up to its hype. With seven world leaders and a slew of just great events, Paris continued the excitement coming from the preceeding seven meets. Now, eight meets with some fine rivalries and epic battles! Next DL is Lausanne, on 5 July!

This is your workout for Monday, July 2, 2018. It is a relaxed run. Run early of late, as today will be hot across the US.

Hoka One One 5.jpgHOKA ONE ONE, to learn more about this fine brand, please go to www.hokaoneone.com.

Monday, July 2, 2018-warm up, easy 35-40 minutes, cooldown

McLeod vs Shubenkov, Barshim vs Lysenko and much more
SZEKESFEHERVAR (HUN): Superb fields are ready for 8th edition of Istvan Gyulai Memorial - Hungarian Grand Prix meet (EA Classic) on Monday in city of Szekesfehervar. For example in women 400 m Olympic winner Shaunae Miller-Uibo against World champion Phyllis Francis and co-World leader Shakima Wimbley. Men´s high jump has the top duel Mutaz Essa Barshim against Danil Lysenko. Home crowds will wait on 110 m Hurdles with Olympic and World winner Omar McLeod against World leader Sergey Shubenkov and home star Balazs Baji. Women hurdles with top two in the World Kendra Harrison and Brianna McNeal are also promising something special. In the men´s 100 m Mike Rodgers with Akani Simbine and Arthur Cisse are three sub 10 runners. Bahamian Steven Gardiner is back after Stockholm situation at the 200 m and will run the 400 m for first time since May 12, Olympic winner Dalilah Muhammad is in the 400 m hurdles, Christian Taylor (who competed also in 1st edition of the meet in 2011) in triple jump. Women´s 100 m should be a clash of Marie-Jose Ta Lou and Michelle-Lee Ahye. Yasmani Copello and Bershawn Jackson are the 400 m hurdles favorites. Hot names also in middle distances. Genzebe Dibaba goes for a fast mile (World lead 4:25.71 under threat). In men´s 800 m Nijel Amos in first race since Prefontaine Classic goes against Adam Kszczot and Paris winner Ferguson Rotich. In the 1000 m Ayanleh Souleiman (2nd in Paris at 1500 m) Jonathan Kitilit (2nd in Paris at 800 m) going for a fast time, World lead is 2:14.88. Steeple has Eugene winner Benjamin Kigen as top name. Olympic winner Tianna Bartoletta is in long jump. Men´s discus with World leader Fedrick Dacres and World medalists who did not had their day in Paris (Gudzius and Stahl). Men´s hammer as part of IAAF Challenge will have the Polish rulers Pawel Fajdek and Wojciech Nowicki, but also Olympic winner Dilshod Nazarov and home talent Bence Halasz. Hungarian World medalist Anita Marton in shot put will have tough opponents in Yulia Leantsiuk, Raven Saunders and Paulina Guba.
RunBlogRun opines: Who will do the @TheKoriMonster best at the Gyulai Memorial?

A fantastic Meeting de Paris for 2018. With seven world leaders, and amazing races and events. The 2018 Meeting de Paris was nearly three hours of one great event after another.

We will celebrate the fine events from Paris on Monday, but, enjoy the highlights video below and the complete results. Check out the depth of the various events, as European athletes prepare for the European Athletics Champs and African athletes prepare for the African Athletics Championships.

The event of the meet? Well, Abderrahman Samba's fifth win in a row and the second fastest 400 meter hurdles in history, with his 46.98!

Who does not love the 200 meters? The furlong is a half a lap and, as athletes come off the turn, some excel, and some, fall apart. The British Trials featured two fun races, and thanks to Stuart Weir for an exemplar coverage of the British Championships! Beth Dobbin broke the Scottish record earlier this season, that was 34 years old (Sandra Whittacker, LA 1984, 22.98) with her 22.84 on 1 June 2018.

NMB for stuart.jpgNethaneel Mitchell-Blake wins 200 meters, 1 July 2018, photo by British Athletics

Beth Dobbin for Stuart.jpgBeth Dobbin winning the 200 meters, 1 July 2018, photo by British Athletics

P1080359.JPGBeth Dobbin, Bauhaus Galen, Stockholm, Sweden, June 10 2018, photo by Stuart Weir

British LJ .jpgBritish women's LJ has 18 competitors lined up, 1 July 2018, photo by Stuart Weir

The field events had some strong performances in Birmingham on Day 2. Lorraine Ugen's world leader of 7.05 meters in the LJ, is just proof of the promise from the fine jumper. Holly Bradshaw won the PV. Hammer thrower Sophie Hitchon continued to show her promise.

Tactical 5000m.jpgA tactical British Women's 5000m was on of the highlights of the 2018 British Trials, 1 July 2018, photo by Stuart Weir

Brit W 5000m, d 1.jpgThe race is on, British 5000 meters, Stephanie Twell takes control, 1 July 2018, photo by Stuart Weir

This is article three, day two from our friend Stuart Weir. At RunBlogRun, we hope to give you, our devoted readers, a unique view of the events. British meets are fantastic. I have been going for about fifteen years and admire their approach to their meets, supporting the sport and the superb level of television and production that they put towards athletics. Thanks to our friend Stuart Weir for his amazing coverage of the 2018 British Trials!

Watch for two more articles today on the British Trials, one on the 200 meters and one on the field events!

In day two, article two, Stuart Weir writes about the British men a the second day of the British Trials. He focuses on the 110m hurdles, 400m hurdles and 400 meters. GBR has some fine athletes in these events, and they will qualify for the Athletics Cup and European Championships.

British Trials.jpgBritish Trials, Birmingham, England, 1 July 2018, photo by Stuart Weir

British mascot .jpgBritish Mascot, with handler, Rachel, 2018 British Trials, Birmingham, England, 1 July 2018, photo by Stuart Weir

Birmingham Stadium view, 1 July 2018, photo by Stuart Weir

This is the first article from Day 2 of the 2018 British Outdoor Trials, from Birmingham, England. Stuart speaks about the men's 1,500m championships here.

Dina Asher-Smith 10.97 meet record
BIRMINGHAM (GBR, Jun 30): European 200m champion Dina Asher-Smith broke the championship record to win the 100m at the British Championships in 10.97 (-0.5), her third sub-11 clocking of the month. Daryll Neita was second in a season's best of 11.19 ahead of Bianca Williams (11.20) and Imani Lansiquot (11.23). Reece Prescod won the men's 100m title in still air in 10.06 from European-leader Zharnel Hughes (10.13) and CJ Ujah (10.18). Fourth Nethaneel Mitchell-Blak 10.20 and fifth Ojie Edoburun 10.27. Former world U20 champion Morgan Lake cleared a PB of 1.97m to win the high jump title before three attempts at 2.00m ahead of Katarina Johnson-Thompson's 1.90m, Holly Bradshaw cleared 4.60m to win her sixth title in the pole vault and European U20 bronze medallist Naomi Ogbeta won the triple jump title with a 13.95m PB. Veteran Nathan Douglas recorded a wind-aided 16.83m to win the men's triple jump and Commonwealth champion Nick Miller won the hammer as expected with 75.33m. Also on the track, Marc Scott produced a 2:32.97 last kilometre to win the 5000m title in 13:47.00 from Andy Vernon (13:47.81) and Chris Thompson (13:49.85) and Zak Seddon won the 3000m steeplechase title in 8:33.12. Matt Hudson-Smith (45.94) and Zoey Clark (52.26) were the fastest in the 400m heats.


A post shared by Dina (@dinaashersmith) on

Hammer throw, Nick Miller.jpgNick Miller, Hammer Throw Champion, photo by Stuart Weir

Birmingham Day 1.jpg2018 British Trials, Birmingham, England, June 20, 2018, photo by Stuart Weir

5000m GBR Trials .jpg5,000m, 2018 British Trials, 30 June 2018, photo by Stuart Weir

This is article three from Stuart Weir for Day 1. Stuart likes to provide RunBlogRun readers with some commentary on events we would not normally hear from. In this piece, he speaks with Morgan Lake, HJ champion, Nick Miller, hammer throw champion and salutes old timer Nathan Douglas, who won TJ titles 14 years apart, but in this year, won indoor and outdoor TJ titles!

RunBlogRun introduces column 2, day 1, from Stuart Weir: The sprinting success of GBR was resounding in London last year. This year, at the Trials, it continues to improve, with the likes of Dina Asher-Smith and Reece Prescod. Great fields in men and women this year. Stuart Weir provides some key observances that you would not have seen from watching on You Tube or even sitting in the stands. We thank Stuart Weir on this second piece on day 1 of the 2018 British Trials.

One more thought on Dina Asher-Smith. I met Dina in 2013-14. It was a bit informal as we spoke after a match where she was relaxing in the stands. She was quite nice and relaxed. Totally impressed with her demeanor and have enjoyed watching her development. Looking forward to speaking to Reece Prescod later this summer, loved his big run in Shanghai. Reece Prescod could win a big one. Like his sense of focus and his second half of his race makes him quite dangerous.

Dina Asher Smith, for 100m title 2018.jpgDina Asher-Smith, 100m British Trials Champ, photo by Stuart Weir

RunBlogRun opines: Last weekend was my first track meet since March due to my cardiac catherization in April. I am up to three miles a day, having a strong decrease in my blood sugar from A1C diabetes blood test, and my three stents seem to be working. So, I ventured to the USATF Outdoors. It was nice to see David Hunter, Elliott Denman, Jonathan Gault, David Johnson and Sieg Lindstrom, among other media friends. A hug from some dear friends teared me up, but it was nice to watch the sport I love. Thanks to Adam Johnson-Eder and Mike Deering, who ventured the six hour drive with me to Des Moines, Iowa.

Our friend, Stuart Weir has been covering events all year for RunBlogRun. We are grateful for Stuart spending time as our eyes and ears around the globe. This begins his series on the British Championships in one of my favorite cities, Birmingham, England. Much of my English family lives there, and I hope to see them soon. I also hope to see my friend Stuart in August. He has a wry sense of humor, which I once thought of as Scottish, but he has smiled that one away.

This is Stuart Weir's opening on British Trials and the upcoming World Athletics Cup!

Birmingham-summer.jpgBirmingham, England, 30 June 2018, dry and hot, photo by Stuart Weir

Birmingham Winter 2018.jpgBirminghham, March 1, 2018, Cold and snowy, photo by Stuart Weir

Menkov_Aleksandr-WorC17.jpgAleksandr Menkov, photo by PhotoRun.net
Aleksandr Menkov 841
ZHUKOVSKIY (RUS, Jun 30- Jul 1): Addition to first day of 60th Znamensky Memorial Anzhelika Sidorova cleared 470 in the pole vault. Fast women 1500 m by Aleksandra Gulyayeva 4:04.76 what is the Russian top time of 2018. In wet conditions Danil Lysenko won with 228 the high jump over Ivan Ukhov 225. Veronika Chernivskaya won the hurdles in 13.18 and Kristina Sivkova 100 m in 11.42 (-0.6). On Sunday World champion Aleksandr Menkov showed top long jump shape with 841 (+2.0) what is not official European lead 2018 as he is not allowed to compete internationally. Yelena Sokolova was best among women with 670 (+2.0) ahead of Yekaterina Koneva 634 who won her specialty triple jump with windy 14.52 (+3.2). In the 400 m hurdles Irina Kolesnichenko (formerly Davydova) clocked 55.23. Gulyayeva topped the 800 in 2:00.11 in a second win at the meet. Men winner Sergey Dubrovskiy 1:46.73 PB. Good throws by Yelena Panova 63.02 in discus and Yelizaveta Tsareva 73.22 in hammer.

Ohuruogu_ChristinaFL1-OlyGames12.jpgChristine Ohuruogu, London 2012, photo by PhotoRun.net

RunBlogRun opines on Christine Ohuruogu: For me, one of my favorite memories of Christine Ohurougu come from 2007 Osaka World Championships. Her final stretch run upset Sanya Richards. While I was saddended by the loss of Sanya, I respected the race and Christine's fine race, along with team mate Nicola Sanders, in silver. In 2008, her win in Beijing had that patented Ohuruogu final stretch run, as she took the gold. In 2009, Sanya Richards began her battle for the 2012 Olympics, taking gold in the 400 meters. Ohuroughu's stretch run took down DeeDee Trotter and Amantle Montsho. For me, Christine Ohuruogu was a tremendous competitor. I enjoyed my few interviews with her, and enjoyed getting some time with her at the adidas Boston Boost Meeting in 2017. Christine Ohuruogu was first British woman to win Olympic gold at 400 meters, and two time World Champion gold medalist at 400 meters plus many medals in British 4x400 meters!

And on her ban, due to three missed drug test meetings. In my belief, it was a series of dumb mistakes, not much more than that. This did not mean that she was not crucified in the media, and it was brought up in every story on the 400 meter athlete. I am mixed on the coverage, and support her defense of her battle with the British Olympic Committee.

2880px-De_Poolse_Irena_Kirszenstejn_gaat_door_finish,_tweede_Truus_Hennipman-Cruiming,_Bestanddeelnr_921-6071.jpgIrena Szewińska, 18 August 1968, Uden, The Netherlands, photo courtesy of Dutch National Archives, National Archief.

Please look at the picture above. Irena Szewińska is winning in Uden, The Netherlands on 18 August 1968, nearly fifty years ago. Look at that clean technique, look at that focus, consider her fine form and the domination that she has over the field. Now, look at the crowd! It is like a time capsule into our sport. Irena Szewińska, one of our finest trail blazers, is gone. Here is our consideration of this fine athlete.

Irena Szewińska is one of the great ones. I grew up reading about her in TFN, and only came to recognize her tremendous stature as I became a track geek. I was at an IAAF event where Ms. Szewińska was present, but did not have the nerve to speak to her. She was royalty in Polish and European sport, and, if more Westerners knew about this fine athlete, it would be for the better. Ms. Szewińska won Olympic medals in 1964, 1968, 1972, 1976 and competed in 1980, withdrawing after an injury in the semi final of the 400 meters. Also, Ms.Szewińska graduated with a degree in Economics from the University of Warsaw. Seven Olympic medals, sixteen European Championships medals, and from 100m to 400m, she was world ranked at 200 meters for fifteen straight years, 100 meters for 12 years, 8 times at long jump and six times at 400 meters (Ms. Szewińska only ran event for six years, and became first woman under 50 seconds at 400 meters). A remarkable career, and even more so, when one appreciates the political challenges, as well as the challenges for a women athlete in the 1960s and 1970s.

Irena Szewińska has been part of our sport for over five decades! She will be missed by many.

In essence, Irena Szewińska was a 200 meter runner who ran the 100m, 400m and long jumped. She was a fierce competitor. Look at her films. She raced against the finest in the world, and won. She won medals a few months after having her first son, which was pretty much unheard of ( Fanny Blankers Koen did it in 1948, but most women athletes, in 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, retired before they had children). Challenging the status quo from Poland, in Soviet bloc Poland, mind you, had to be a challenge. I would have loved to speak with Ms. Szewińska about her career. So, after some research, here's what I found out about this magnifiscent women.

Echevarria_Juan1-Rome18.jpgJuan Miguel Echevarri, soaring in Rome, May 30, 2018, photo by PhotoRun.net

Well, the young Cuban has been kicking the proverbial butt. His battles with Luvo Manyonga and Marquis Dendy are entertaining fans around the world. Yesterday, in Bad Langensalza, Germany, Juan Miguel leaped 8.68 meters with a legal 1.7 m/s wind! Juan Miguel Echevarria is the real thing. Last weekend in Des Moines, I asked a keen observer of the LJ, who travels the world and sees big jumpers, what he thought of Senor Echevarria, and if he could break Mike Powell's seminal 8.95 meters (29 feet, 4.25 inches) WR, from Tokyo 1991 World Championships. My keen observer looked at your favorite blogger and noted, " Juan Miguel Echevarria will own the WR. This young man is for real."

Enough said, but must say, we love this young Cuban athlete. We have found few Cuban athletes we do not like. Why? Because, they love athletics. With limited resources for training in Cuba, they show that the joy of the sport, the focus on technique and amazing overall fitness of the young Cuban athletes can always surprise.

Muy buena competencia en el dia de hoy 8:68 seguimos activos

A post shared by Juan Miguel Echevarria (@juanmiguelechevarri) on

RunBlogRun Interviewed Juan Miguel Echevaria at the World Indoor Champs. We included them here, for your viewing pleasure. RunBlogRun will go one further. The WR will be broken this summer by Juan Miguel Echevarria, but, be careful, as Luvo Manyonga could be right there. This is a real LJ battle! Remember, when Mike Powell broke the WR, he was battling Carl Lewis!

Enjoy the three part interview, done by The Shoe Addicts on the young Cuban LJ phenom:

Juan Miguel Echevarria Interview: Part 1/3, Birmingham, England, March 2018: http://www.runblogrun.com/2018/03/juan-miguel-echevarria-gold-medalist-at-the-long-jump-world-indoors-birmingham-speaks-on-his-perform.html

Juan Miguel Echevarria Interview: Part 2/3, Birmingham, England, March 2018: http://www.runblogrun.com/2018/03/juan-miguel-echevarria-gold-medalist-at-the-long-jump-world-indoors-birmingham-speaks-on-his-perform-1.html

Juan Miguel Echevarria Interview, Part 3/3: Birmingham, England, March 2018: http://www.runblogrun.com/2018/03/juan-miguel-echevarria-gold-medalist-at-the-long-jump-world-indoors-birmingham-speaks-on-his-2018-se.html

Long runs begin here. We will build up from 40 minutes to 75-90 minutes over the summer for our Sunday long runs. Keep it easy, find a fun place, and enjoy the time with your friends. Begin the habit.

Hoka One One 7.jpgHOKA ONE ONE, to learn more about the brand, check out www.hokaoneone.com.

Sunday, July 1, 2018-warm up, 40-45 minutes, running on trail, cool down

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